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Thursday, April 16, 2015

NIce time in-between

This is the best time for me as a year-round Arizona resident.  Most of the snowbirds have winged their way out of here.  The park is basically quiet, I can get to the laundry room with no wait at any time and neighbors on both sides have left.  Favorite Neighbor is still here until next week.  The weather is still sweatshirt weather after dark and warms up during the day.  From what I hear.  I'm asleep during daytime hours.  I did hear the wind at times today when I would wake up.  It is a breezy time of year here.  All in all, very nice.

The repairs on Mom's mobile home continue.  I helped her figure out that her gas oven does work.  She was worried that when it didn't flame up immediately that she was flooding the place with gas so turned off the control.  I got down and turned on the oven and the pilot was working, but no gas.  While I was explaining that the issue was the opposite of what she had thought, the thermocouple finally got hot and turned on the gas and she now has a working oven.  Guess I have to give her back the frozen pizza she gave me that she thought she couldn't cook.

My sleep patterns are straightened out to sleeping all day again.  In fact, I've been sleeping almost 12 hours each day on my nights off.  Makes for a boring life, but feels good after all the stress of moving Mom here and getting the mobile liveable.  It is 3:46am here right now, and I'm fully awake with no undue reliance on coffee.  I'll head to bed in a couple of hours and get up around 4pm to start the process of getting ready for work.

I thought I almost had another throw finished in a really pretty yarn that I was given.  However, the pattern I was winging I didn't wing very well, and as I neared the end I realized that I had managed to accidentally decrease over 6" in width.  I was just double crocheting across as it is a bulky, wavy type yarn that is difficult to see what I'm doing, and I'm not good at figuring out how to end and restart the rows.  Really not good at it.  So, I'm starting over again, doing 2 single, 2 double crochet.  I'm making it a bit wider as well since I have more yarn than I realized.  No finished project pictures as I had hoped to show.  I'm not happy with the last 4 rows after starting the neck on the sweater either, which is why I had moved to the 'easier' crochet throw.  I will get both finished.  Sometime.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Roll With It, Baby

It has been awhile since I updated the blog.  It has been a busy and physically stressful time around here lately.  I know, it's sad when folks need to read Rod or Croft's blogs to know what I've been up to.  The primary reason is that I just don't bounce as well as I used to.  The chorus 'Roll with it, Baby...' came out of the radio at me while driving to work the other night and I decided I need to stop trying to bounce and start rolling.

Since Croft and Norma have been here we have been out to eat a few times.  These have been covered in Rod and Croft's blogs.  Rod is now back in Kansas with his issues there, and Mom has moved here.  Last night Croft and Norma, Mom, and Favorite Neighbor and I went back to the Organ Stop pizza place since it is probably the last time I will get to spend much time with them before they leave for points north.  It was fun, although the organ music was late getting started because the organist had car issues and got there late.  He made up for it, though.  Mom enjoyed it as I knew she would.

I flew out to Missouri a couple of weeks ago and we loaded up Mom's stuff in a U-Haul and hooked her Kia on a dolly on the back and I drove us back here.  She bought a mobile home here in the park.  Since we got back she has been busy cleaning and unpacking.  Physically, my back is so weak that I can't do much, and I even put it out again this morning putting a shelf into the kitchen cart she gave me.  I really need to get to a gym, the fitness room here at the park really only has treadmills.  Between getting back on nights from her visit, then going out there and driving for 3 days to get here, then spending the rest of the vacation days getting back on nights, I'm not sure if I'm awake or asleep.

That is a quick overview of what has been going on.  I may go into some of it more as I go along.  I just wanted to get this first post out of the way.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Canadians are here

Apparently this time of year in Mesa overlaps with the snowbirds still here and baseball spring training that others  come to town to watch.  This fills up the snowbird rv parks completely, or has this year at least.  My park is more of a +55 mobile home park with empty spaces being used for monthly rv rental.  Croft had contacted me that he and Norma were looking for an open spot to hang and I gave him the info to come here.  They arrived and I got to meet them.  I wandered over with my first cup of coffee when I got up yesterday afternoon and woke up while talking to them as Croft was tuning in their satellite dish.  Hopefully we can get Rod over here and get out for the Supper Club before he heads back East.

The big news is that Mom is moving out here.  She has arranged to buy a mobile here in this park.  She came out for 2 weeks last month (part of not writing, too much going on and my sleep schedule is out of whack...) and finalized everything.  In a couple of weeks I fly back to MO and we load her stuff into a big truck, hook her car on back and make that drive from there to here.

Sleeping is an issue for me now.  I want to sleep when I can't (work, at night) and can't sleep very long at a time during the day.  I'm working on it.  My mind is fuzzy and I have little ambition other than to just do day to day stuff like dishes and pet the cats and such as I sleep walk through the days.  Again, this is the main reason I haven't written.  I'm hardly coherent when I am awake.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


I tend to jump around in what I focus on when I'm attempting to improve.  Lately my attention has been on food.  I may have mentioned that I want to take my supper (lunch?  food I eat at work) from things I have made here at home rather than continuing to buy pre-made meals.  I am so out of the habit of cooking that it is difficult to remember to fit it in.  Yeah, really.  I live alone, so that is my excuse.

This past week I took my lunch all 4 nights.  The weeks before I averaged between 1-3 nights of home made food.  I'm throwing out a lot of questionable food from my fridge.  That leaves room for the fresh stuff.  One day a couple of weeks ago I bought a Costco rotisserie chicken.  I pulled the legs off and put the rest into a ziplock freezer bag and shoved it in the freezer to be dealt with later.  It was really good (perhaps not healthy, but that is step 2 (or 3 or 4).  On my first night off  this week I took it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to defrost.  This being my last night off I realized I need to do 'something' with it.  So I pulled all the meat (well, most of it, this is a learning experience) and put the bones and skin in a pot with water on low heat on the stove.  I hope to have what the new kids call 'bone broth' these days by the time I have to go to bed.  I'll strain it and put it... somewhere.  Probably the freezer until I can do something else with it.  The meat will be made into chicken salad and I've already had a chicken fajita.  Last week the menu was based around a can of salmon, this week chicken, the week before chili.  I'm about ready to cycle back to chili.  However, some pork chops with some mashed sweet potato also sound good, so maybe another trip to Costco and Ranch Market are in order.

I made lentil soup last week, and added some curry powder (a bit too much) for the first time.  It morphed into dal, so I made some rice and that was supper for 2 nights.  I took some to Favorite Neighbor an she wasn't impressed.  It was the first time she had ever had curry.    I don't think we will be hitting any Indian restaurants on our evenings out.  The rest went into the freezer.  Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll be ready for it again.  The freezer is getting full.

Last night Rod and Favorite Neighbor and a couple of other neighbors who we scooped up to go along went to a Mexican restaurant on the back side of South Mountain called Los Dos Molinos.  It was a nice place and kinda fun.  Food was good, company was even better.  A fun night for some of us who don't get out a lot.  I'm enjoying the Supper Club as I've called it.

On another note, Mom will be here in a couple of weeks to visit for 2 weeks.  More on that as it progresses.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WIP - Baby blanket done

I'm lazy tonight.  I don't think that the image is clickable,  and it is very dark.  However, this is the baby blanket I've been working on.  As soon as it is dry (tomorrow?) I'll box it up and send it to the new mother-to-be.  Yarn is I Love This Yarn from hobby lobby.  It is nice and soft, but had some knots in the middle of the skeins that were not appreciated.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Meeting update

I'm still employed, the meeting with the manager was just a formality to say he was releasing a survey to me to fill out that goes to upper management.  Part of the plan that 'engages' employee satisfaction as one of the core values.  He did say that I seem to be doing fine and in March we will talk about officially moving me to the DBA section and get my raise going.

My back was killing me last night and I would have come home if I hadn't needed to stay for the meeting.  I came home and slept 7 hours straight, not even moving I don't think.  I feel a lot better now.

That's all that is going on for now.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Super club and other updates

I am a loner, especially the past 5 or so years since I left Nashville.  I just haven't been any place long enough to settle in and find a group of like minded folks.  I read blogs, and my most consistent friends are all online these days.  Working nights doesn't help in that.  When Favorite Neighbor came back with family (son and daughter-in-law) in November I was swept up and made a part of their family.  I kinda remembered what that was like.  I had been commenting on Rod's blog : and we had emailed back and forth, so while making plans to go out to eat at a local place I got in touch with him and he joined the family.  Now that it is just Favorite Neighbor and Rod and I we still go out and find neat places to have supper.  Luckily both of them are night owls so the accommodate the fact that I eat late-ish.  Both Rod and I drive Jeeps, and Favorite Neighbor is 88 and shorter than I am.  We found the key is to put her in the front seat where there is a grab bar on the dash, and to carry a small stool for her to step up on.  She is game to go for it and hops right in.  We are currently in search of some spaghetti that she had at a catered talk here at the park.  It may take us a few tries to find the actual restaurant.   The address is scribbled on some paper somewhere in her home.  When Rod gets back from the Q we will try again.  We may even see if more folks want to join in.  So far everyone is a winter resident except me.  I'm thinking it will seem even quieter around here next summer.

I would like to make the Blogger get together in Q on Saturday, but I'm working.  Well, I think I will be.  I got a call from my supervisor asking me to come in a half hour late as the manager wants to talk to me Friday morning before I leave, which means we meet at 6am , the time I usually leave.  I'm hoping that he will be telling me how great I'm doing against what everyone thought I'd be able to do, and that I'll get a raise.  Reality is such that as a precaution I'll empty out my locker that night anyway.  This is something I do before every manager meeting.  He just shakes his head.  I made a big leap, knowledge -wise transferring from the Systems side of things to the Data Base Administration side.  I'm enjoying it, but who knows how it is going in the scheme of corporate America where I work.

I will have the baby blanket I've been working on finished in about another hour.  Then I will go back to working on my sweater.  The blanket has ended up being pretty.  I hope the lady and baby it is for enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed making it.  Pictures will happen.  Really.  I found my tablecloths that I want to use as background to set off the things I knit.  No more beige sweaters photographed against a beige carpet...

I'll let y'all know what happens Friday morning at work.