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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bosley checking out the top bunk

I think I turned a corner yesterday. The shower is sealed enough to use, the water lines and drains are working, I had out a new toilet in before moving in, so the rv is officially fully liveable rather than just the feeling of camping. Yes, I have a regulator on the water line, and I also had the propane system checked after I bought the rv. Hot water really isn't an issue even in Payson in the summer as it is warm enough to use ambient temps to warm the water. I cook with the microwave since I'm plugged into shore power here.

The cats are settled in pretty well. Rasta got out once but Bosley was chewing him out so I was alerted in time to coax him back out from under the rv.

I'm still working out what to put where but I am slowly sifting out what I want and what can go back to storage. I see at least one more trip to Mesa in the next week. I still haven't sorted out getting online with the computers but that is today's work. The over all plan is to be set up to boonedock by the end of the year.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I knew I'd need that drill

The picture shows that I'm not a traditionalist. Whatever works. The problem to be solved is that that junction of the side wall of the shower and the shower base had about a half inch gap. The trim piece that goes over it has stripped screws, probably related. I needed a way to brace them together so I can hopefully use silicone sealant to seal them together and than use longer screws to attach the trim then seal the heck out of all of it.

Progress is ongoing. I ask myself each day which thing is most annoying and work to fix that. I'm moving up the water hierarchy from broken gray water blade to water leak to now sealing the shower. Lighting the water heater is on the list but so far I'm letting the ambient temperature heat the water in the 50'
water hose for my needs. Gotta psych myself up to turning on the propane. Also need to buy a carbon monoxide detector and a fire extinguisher.

This is all why I moved into a park for the first few months. Learning curve and all that.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Leak fixed I think

I replaced the low spot water drain on that side with a check valve as that is what they had that was the right size. I have a paper towel in place to keep an eye on it for awhile.

Now to beat the computers into submission.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

From a small leak to a large one.

I snapped the connector to the small hose attempting to tighten the inline connectors. Be very afraid of a small woman with large wrenches...

Any idea what the small hose does? I'll head to Mesa tomorrow in search of a replacement T connector.

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Off line

Mom and I use Consumer Cellular for our cell phone service. She has been wanting to get back on the internet to Skype with relatives back in MO but her desktop doesn't have wifi and it is still on XP. I don't even want to think about putting it back online. Now that I need mobile internet as well I ordered 2 Consumer Cellular hotspots. I finally had enough brain cells working yesterday to try to set them up. I'll let Mom use my old netbook to get online. I just upgraded it to Windows 10 before I disconnected the cable modem.

Setting up the hotspots went OK. I have a truly annoying issue though. While I can get to Gmail and some other sites, I can't get to blogs or online forums. I turned off my anti-everything AVG and turned off windows defender and windows firewall. I played with the tls and SLS or whatever the initials are for the security settings in Firefox (I did Change them back when it didnt help). Windows Edge has the same issue. I may try downloading Chrome if I can get to that site. My phone even going through the same hotspot works fine. All my other computers are 75 miles away.

Did I ever mention how much I hate Windows 10?

I'm basically off line until I figure this out. This will not doubt mean a trip down to Mesa to get the netbook and one of the other laptops still on XP.

On a different note, I also found a water leak under the sink this morning. Sigh.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Computer Table

As might be evident, there is no computer there yet. The laptop is in the blue bag, my feet are resting on the printer and the Consumer Cellular hotspots I ordered for Mom and I are in the unopened priority mail box under my elbow. However, I have my cup of coffee, the air conditioner is humming along keeping it cool, and the moving out of the mobile home is finished. The title was signed over and the money deposited into the bank and Mom and I celebrated with supper at IHOP.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The heat is brutal

I got up at 5am in Payson and was back in Mesa by 6:30.  I’m still clearing out the mobile home.  I was good until about 10, 2 loads and I’m still finding small nooks and crannies to stuff the things I want to put in the storage unit.  At 10:30 I caved and begged the buyers for another day.  If I could work all day on finishing the moving, I could be done.  It was 109* by 11, and due to get to 122*.  I just can’t carry stuff out to the car, can’t drive to the dumpster and toss stuff in, can’t do much of anything that requires any time outside at all.  They agreed to give me the extra day.  I am thankful.

I am down to a couple of loads.  I’ll get up earlier tomorrow and drive down.  I am fairly sure I can find a place for everything important that is left.  When I’m living back down here in Mesa starting in September through the end of the year I’ll go through a lot of the stuff again and purge some more.  There is a limit to what I can process, and I’ve been moving, first Mom, then me, and searching for and buying and then checking out the RV for the past 3 months.  I’m tired.