Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I'm in the process of getting a new smart phone.  So far I keep hitting dead ends.  I thought that I had finally out-smarted AT&T, but no, I didn't.  I have Consumer Cellular for my cell phone service.  I am very happy with them.  It is waaaaay cheaper than any of the big boys, and uses AT&T towers so I have the same coverage as if I was with them.  My cheap(er) smart phone I bought from out of China when I lived in Honduras has worked just fine as a phone, but a lot of the data stuff was iffy.  The location stuff for the GPS didn't work and I only got 2G speeds, but I'm not a huge data hog anyway so I didn't care.  However, I dropped that phone while I was on vacation and not only cracked the screen, but it started turning off randomly, as in the middle of calls.  It is also my alarm clock, so I wasn't feeling all warm and fuzzy about it anymore.

When I went to to find a new phone I was doing a lot of research.  What I found is that the frequencies that AT&T uses for 3G and 4G are different than the international phones use.  Nothing on that site would give me the higher speeds.  Since 2G is going to be phased out, I decided I need to find a phone that will give me the 3G and 4G.  Which means I'm looking for an AT&T phone.  I thought I was smart and bought a cheap ($8) flip phone that is an AT&T Go Phone, and it worked just fine.  Woo Hoo!  So, I went back and got a nice HTC 610 Desire smart Go Phone, and started using it.  I had to go back again and get a nano SIM as my normal one wouldn't fit in the new smart phone.  No problem, Consumer Cellular gives me a discount on my bill for the $10 the new SIM costs.  Got it all changed over and life is good.  Except that I can't get the data to work.  It says on the Go Phones that they are locked for 6 months (basically $300 to AT&T before they unlock it), but I had hoped that since I'm using their towers it wouldn't matter.  Well, the phone part works, but the data is locked.  So, the phone will go back to WalMart tomorrow.  Back to square one.

I'll look online for an unlocked AT&T smart phone.  I've been told I should stay away from the Moto G that is Consumer Cellular's offering, and I can get an IPhone from them but I really want to stay away from the IWorld as much as possible.  This shouldn't be this difficult.  In the rest of the world it isn't.  Consumer Cellular has been great about all this, and I've called them several times in this process.  Their customer service is all US based, and very helpful and friendly.  Highly recommend them.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Quiet time of changes

I have again switched back to nights.  Hopefully they will leave me alone for awhile now and I can get a routine going.  At the moment I go to the kitchen and am not sure if I should pour a glass of wine or a cup of strong coffee.  Looking at the time doesn't help.  I think I'll opt for the wine when I post this.

Small organizing and projects.  I'm knitting a baby blanket for TurtleLady & Bill's first grandchild due in a couple of months.  My sweater is on hold as the blanket has a deadline of sorts.  I wasn't sure I liked it, but as it grows (the blanket, not the baby) I'm coming around to deciding it make the kind of statement I can send off with a smile.  Maybe a progress picture later.

Favorite Neighbor (her blog name for now) 's family helped me put together shelves and run an extension cord to the front of the shed, so I'm slowly getting things arranged out there.  I found the camping gear that was AWOL.  So, now everything has been handled at least once I think.

I keep thinking that I should be more reflective about the 60th birthday coming up on the 23rd.  However, my life is much more settled and most of the negative drama has left the building.  I'm not having much trouble at the moment with the idea that I'm entering another decade of life.  Ummm, don't look at the expensive face cream(s) I've bought in the past few months.  They don't count.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Once I got back to work, I ended up changing to days from nights.  Next week I change a bit again, then hopefully the week after I'm back on nights.  I don't do much but survive when details like that cause havoc with my schedule.

One of my favorite neighbors is now back.  Her son and dil drove her down from MN and will fly back in a couple of weeks.  It was mentioned that they had to follow a snow plow out of town as they left.  They let me help celebrate her 88th birthday last night by sharing the chocolate cream birthday pie.  See why she is one of my favorite neighbors.  :)

So, 3 months ago I could even spell DBA and now I are one.  As soon as my access on the network gets sorted out (3 weeks into that so far...)  and I get a bit more trained I'll be official and back on my preferred shifts, weekend nights.  I've already made reservations for Vegas next month for my 60th birthday, so I need to be back on that shift by then.  Crossing fingers.

Now starts the easy time of year here.  Coolish mornings where a light jacket is welcomed, sunny warm days that make strolling around an enjoyable activity.  Folks have come out of hiding from the heat and sit on their porches and wave or say hi as I walk by.  Life is pretty good right now.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Vacation Recap

Yep, I'm home in Phoenix again.  I haven't written much as I've not felt up to par.  This impacted my vacation as well as work this week.  I do want to get some of what I did out on pixels, though, as I'm finding as time goes on I enjoy going back and reading my blog to see what I was doing a few years ago.  This will be 'a few years ago' soon enough.

The airport did have my luggage the next morning, so from now on I will look for non-stop flights from Phoenix to Kansas City, or wherever I'm headed.  At least I will try not to connect via Denver.  The trip home was uneventful.  However, Southwest's overhead bins seem to be smallish.  I changed the carryon I used (I own at least 3 and maybe 4) and still it was tight.  I've used these carryon's for years with no issue on United flights.

My vacation was planned in a manner to roll with the punches, no real agenda, etc.  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well and didn't 'roll' very well.  Could be I'm getting older and crankier.  maybe.  Also, the area I used to know fairly well I haven't hung out in for 5 or so years.  It no longer felt like 'home'.  That was one thing I wanted to see.  Towards the end of the vacation I ended up connecting with friends in Nashville and I got more comfortable in my old haunts.  My take away was that I need to scout my locations more, and make more time for friends.  I ended up in hotels a lot, and I hate to spend the money on that.  I just didn't enjoy the camping that I did in the Smokies.  Partly because it cost $20/night and didn't include shower facilities, partly because it rained every time I entered the park.  I have a tent that is now in the give-away pile.  I remembered why I went to a hammock, but I can't use a hammock in a state or national park.  I did buy a sleeping mat, the $8 blue mat from WalMart and also their $35 knock off of the thermarest.   Between the two I was comfortable and dry in my tent.  It was the entering and exiting that was an issue.

I'm on my new schedule now, 8PM to 6AM.  It is an adjustment.  I'll get it together in a couple of weeks.  Signs around the park here saw that the winter residents (snowbirds, but they don't like to be called that...) are starting to show up or are anticipated.  Temps are cooler, and it rained again last evening for awhile.  Cats were fine when I got home, but Rasta started coughing again today.  I'll watch him and make a decision on what to do.  Unlike last time he is acting fine.  It was when he got subdued and sickly acting that I rushed him to the vet last time.

Gotta go pee in a cup for my work background/drug test checkup for the year.  Not an issue, but a minor hassle.  That is all that is going on here, along with unpacking and a  notebook page double column of to-do's.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Now What

So, I've run off the end of any 'plans' I had for this vacation.  I have the rental car, I'm in Nashville, Mom is off to stay with her friends and I'm in a Starbucks (don't hate...) getting ready to head off somewhere in the rental car to have a bunch of fun.  Nothing has really jelled as to what to do.  I spent too much money, as usual, in REI here.  I decided not to get the one thing I came down here to get, a sleeping pad.  I decided to just get a cheap one at WalMart.  $8 vs. $100.  There is a difference.  However, for this trip not really enough to justify.  Maybe.  I've about decided to go back and get the one in there.  But, typing this I changed my mind, again.  Really, I don't use my camping stuff hardly at all now.  sigh.  Welcome to my vacation.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Vacation

I'm on Mom's computer in Kansas City.  Flying in was a bit more of an issue than usual.  I was to leave at 3:00pm and route through Denver.  Weather kept us waiting for clearance to head that way (on Denver's end).  I walked over to the counter and asked to be re-routed since I wanted to get to Kansas City anyway.  I was given a boarding pass for a direct flight leaving in an hour.  That flight was also delayed.  But, as we were leaving around 5:30 the Denver bound plane was still sitting there.  Who knows where my luggage is.  Hopefully we can get it at the Kansas City airport this morning.  I have my clothes, it is just my sweaters and camping gear and such that is missing.

I may not have a lot of access while I'm moving around the next couple of weeks.  We head to Nashville this morning.  Then I have no plans except to wander around the Southeast for a week.  I'll check in when I can.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Raining again

I don't think I'll need an ark, though.  It is a light rain this time.  Everyone was freaking out at the forecast after the last go-round.  At least here in Mesa we only have enough to soak the ground for a bit.

I'm getting closer to finalizing my vacation plans for the 29th on.  I'm going to stay in the Southeast and play around in the Smokies on the week that I leave Mom in Nashville visiting friends.  I need a week just to wander around my old favorite places.  Not sure how many folks I'll get to see while I'm back.

Here at home I'm just clearing and cleaning and fixing broken stuff and mending clothes and generally trying to get my homelife situated.  I'm tired of living among plastic totes lined up everywhere.  I can only throw a tablecloth over so many and call them end tables.  I'm starting to look at those plastic Rubbermaid storage sheds to put behind my mobile home to hold the empty totes that I'm not using right now.  It is a step towards the endgame.  I'm looking at those as a more temporary measure that I can either move with me if/when I leave here, or sell to someone else and it would be easier to move either way.  Still researching.

I'm still in a funk.  However, I'm in a winning streak of sorts at the casinos so I'm at least breaking even for now.