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Thursday, March 07, 2019

Tom Mix Monument

I'm heading down to tour Biosphere 2. The Tom Mix Memorial is on Hwy 79 south of Florence, AZ. I've never been this way before and decided it was worth a stop. It is overcast, and a storm is expected tonight or tomorrow. Everything is green from the previous rains. It is good to get out for a day.

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Friday, February 22, 2019


Mom lost power around 6:45pm last night  She had had an earlier emergency text that it might happen, so had turned up her thermostat so it was warm in her apartment.  I monitored the outage map and by 10pm it no longer showed the outage.  She called this morning and said the electricity had come on about twenty minutes before 10.  She is fine, other than just the shear amount of snow outside her window.  She said the line of cars in the parking lot looks like just one long snowbank.  The folks trying to clear the walks yesterday while it was still snowing broke their snowblower, and there are none left to rent in town.  All the roads in and out of Payson are closed due to snow.  Hopefully this will all melt over the next 2 days or so.  The temperature hovers around freezing, so it should warm up some soon.

I'm fine.  Still a dreay, drizzly day outside.  I'm warm and dry.  Bosley is fine as long as he gets fed.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Winter Storm

Payson is getting burried in snow.  Mom is fine as long as the electricity doesn't go out.  We talk every couple of hours.  It is still snowing heavily and the folks shoveling the walk are just throwing the snow up onto the cars.  No place else to put it for now, and I'm sure the idea is that it will melt soon.  Here's hoping.

Steady rain all day here in the Valley.  Some standing water around me, but I don't have to go anyplace and in the motor home I'm a couple of foot above the deck.  I had a propane delivery yesterday in preparation for the storm, and I have my generator if I lose electricity.  My batteries would keep the led lights on for this evening anyway, and most other stuff runs on propane.  I'm fine for the duration.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Dreary, Rainy

We are getting a lot of rain in the desert this winter.  I hope it translates into less danger of forest fires next summer.  Mom called this morning and said they have about 8" of snow in Payson.  I told her I won't be up to visit this week after all. 

I am a few days into doing the Whole 30 elimination diet again.  So far so good.  I am planning on cooking more this time, and so far I am.  One thing that will help me actually do all 30 days is that I just found out from the Whole 30 website that Walmart has a section of their Great Value frozen meals that are Whole 30 compliant.  Coconut Curry Chicken is one variety.  I'll go over and pick some up once the rain lets up.

I already have my Federal and AZ Income Tax refunds.  Today I'll allocate them to the bills and see how I'm set up for the next year as far as traveling and such.  I have my spot in the same park in Payson reserved starting April 1.  I want to go to West Yellowstone again and also visit around other parts of MT.  I will take the car and not the motor home as I feel better able to negotiate the places I like to go in the car.  I may have issues if I want to camp in some RV parks, though.  I think there is enough National Forest up there I should be able to find places to camp.  It will help that my friend is a ranger up there.  She can interpret the maps for me.  :)

Posting from my email again.  No real pictures this time.  The weather hasn't cooperated for me to get out and about much.  Hoping for some sunshine before I leave for Payson in 6 weeks or so.  I had penciled in to go down around Tucson at the end of this week to do some touristing, but weather may postpone that as well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Work In Progress

This is the sweater I'm working on now. We stuffed it to try to show it better, but I'm not sure you came tell much. I am working top down, and it has set in sleeves. I am almost to where I will separate the sleeves from the body. I took it off the needles in order to try it on so I can make adjustments if necessary. I think it will be a pretty sweater once it is finished.

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Friday, February 08, 2019

No Words

This had been a difficult week for some of us in BloggerLand.  I know of 3 bloggers who have died this week, two of which I had followed their lives for a few years now.

I don't know when I first found him but his son was still alive.  That whole, left the moment his last cancer checkup was finished and headed out for the unknown nomad life, made an impression on me.  It took me a few years, but I followed his example.  Up to and including the cancer part as it turns out.

That one breaks my heart for them.  As a loner with a long list of failed romantic relationships I can only watch from the sidelines of long term marriages such as theirs.  Cancer took him.  I have no words

One thing that being a part of the blogger world has taught me.  I can no longer ever wonder Why Me??? when negative things happen.  I only think most days of just how blessed I am.  As I was pondering this post I looked out and the Fire Rescue paramedics were next door and took my neighbor away.  He seemed awake and not on any IV's or anything.  I don't know my neighbor, or any of the story.  I do know that when I hear a siren or see the paramedics I know that someone is having a much worse day than I am. 

Friday, February 01, 2019

Posting more, and answering comments

One after effect of Bloggerfest is that I'm going to attempt to post more often (I've said that before) and mostly I want to show respect for those who comment on my blog and answer as many comments as I can.  I went back and responded to those who commented on my last post.

I am taking February off from much of anything except getting my life sorted and spending time with Bosley, my cat.  I need the down time and he needs the attention.  I'm going through things and getting rid of stuff.  I'm down to items that I still like but just don't use anymore.  3 pair of cowboy boots are in the pile to donate now.  They were bought before my feet went up a size in shoes.  Some of my shoes are ones that I used to wear to work when I needed to dress more formally than I do now.  If those shoes fit I'm keeping them for now.  Progress, not perfection.

I'm also going through my knitting notions.  I never have, and hope to never need to, used double pointed needles to knit in the round.  I use circular needles and I use Magic Loop method to knit smaller circumferences such as sleeves and hats.  I have a knitting friend here who does prefer the double point needle method, so I'm giving all my sets to her.  It seems that every time I dig into my supplies I find another set.  Remember, I said I never used them.  sigh.

I have other stuff locally I want to do this month.  Seems every time I leave an area at the end of the season I think of all the things I had planned to do while in that location.  This is the month.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bloggerfest rumors

I posted most of this as a comment to Kathy in the previous post.  There are some who insist that Bloggerfest is over, not needed, dead, just stop.  It is boring, the circle introductions are tacky, etc.  My reponse:

 I am keeping in mind that those who has been saying that Bloggerfest has 'run its course' have access to a welcoming Happy Hour EVERY DAY.  Bloggerfest is for those of us who don't have that.  I think that more than one gathering is a good idea, so everyone gets the sense of community that they need.  This particular gathering is for those who aren't maybe as rigged in as the Canadian group.  It also is a way for the Canadians to meet some of the rest of the bloggers. 

I said that I will be there with the signs next year.  If I sit there drinking my coffee looking out at the mountains all alone, well, I would still call it a good day.

I believe it is for the people who put energy into putting it on to decide if it is worth their time to continue.  The reports of Bloggerfest's death are greatly exaggerated.  If no one else shows up next year so be it.  I'm not attempting to compete with the Canadian gatherings, either the Canadian pot luck in town or the Happy Hours.

I extend my sincere thanks to Rick Rousseau for getting everyone and their blog accounted for in his blog entry.  I will make the time to add all of them to my sidebar.  That is the type of detail that I am not good at.

In short, I appreciate all the help that Rick and George have extended over the past few years helping make Bloggerfest a success.  I will be there again next year.  I hope to see everyone there.


Thursday, January 24, 2019

New signs for Bloggerfest

A friend took on making new signs for Bloggerfest as a project today. They have turned out much better than I could have done. This one will be placed at the turn off to the Ramada/shelter house in La Posa South on Saturday. Hope to see as many of you as possible.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Bloggerfest!!! and testing

I'm testing to see how an email posting to the blog from my computer works.  I usually email pictures from my phone.  The latest issues with Live Writer means I may get creative

I'll post this now and see what it does. 


Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Sweater is finished.

It ends up fitting better than I thought it would. It is comfortable. The neck opening is way too big, showing how off my guage was. That is where I started the sweater, so difficult to just go back and fix. I'm pondering how to close it up a bit.

Sandie took the picture. I gave up taking my own after the last picture I posted of my knitting was so difficult to see. No head as I'm discussing this on another forum and in general those folks try to have some annonimity.

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