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Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Catching Up

This morning I went and had new tires put on the truck. It was actually dangerous with the tires I did have. I had put it off long enough, especially since I'm heading to Atlanta next weekend for the con, and north GA the next weekend to hike. After that I filled the gas tank, and then went grocery shopping. I probably should have gone to Aldi's for it to be cheaper, but the super WalMart was next door and, well, I was hungry and I was tired of being hungry. So, I went in and bought an entire cart of groceries. This is what happens when I feel deprived for too long. I just decided that I'd live with the total, whatever it came to, and figured I'd see $100 leave on a cart of groceries. Amazingly, I had bought low on the food chain for the most part, and the total was around $60. Came home and ate some things and then took a nap. I have now started a roast in the crockpot along with onions, potatoes and carrots. I just ate a half package of flavored tuna and crackers. I think that is what I'll take hiking, a couple of packets of the flavored tuna and some pita bread. I have the ingredients for making humus set out, but I may wait till tomorrow to make that now, and I got my favorite type of pita bread to eat with it. I am finally not hungry now. It will be a couple of hours till the roast is done, and by then I'll be ready for another meal.

Earlier in the week I broke down and went to Sam's and got 6 Brita filters so I can filter my water rather than buy bottled water. This generates a tiny fraction of the trash, besides being eventually cheaper. Those 6 filters will last me a year. I have my 2 platypus water bottles to take with me to have water. So that, along with the CF bulbs I've been putting in the lights are two giant steps towards getting back to a smaller footprint in my living. I'm feeling better about it all.

I had a job interview yesterday. I don't feel very optimistic about it, but it did light a fire under me to start reading up on the modern technologies so I can get a better job. For once, reading about this stuff, I don't feel overwhelmed. Either I'm learning stuff just hanging with the geeks, or my mind is coming back from wherever the hell it took off to a few years ago. That is why I'm going to the con next weekend. I actually want to listen to the talks about computer security and such. I'm staying on a couch, and the con is donation only, so my major expense will be gas to get down there. I'll pitch in money for the room and the con as I should, but it won't cost me over $200 like phreaknic did, hopefully.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good tonight.

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