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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oh, and another cool thing...

Last night I met some friends for dinner. I had initiated it since I don't seem to see these folks much anymore. Besides, they helped me move, and I had never gotten back around to inviting them to dinner as a thanks (which would really just be an excuse to see them anyway). So, I pondered back and forth that I should pick up the tab, and that I didn't have to, and how I'm so used to being poor, and how I'm so tired of feeling like I don't have money when in reality I do have money in my account there just are several places I could spend it easily... I decided in the end that I wanted to treat them. I wanted and needed to feel like I could do it, and had more than enough in the account to do so. I needed to feel not poor for once.

I had a good time and enjoyed the conversation. Catching up was good. Picking up the tab and feeling like I could leave a nice tip for out enthusiastic (if inexperienced) waitress. All in all a good evening.

Today I got a totally unexpected check in the mail for almost 4 times what I spent on dinner last night. Something about an incorrect figuring in my mortgage at initiation, and figures being stated incorrectly. I'll call them about it soon to see what it was. But...

All my learning in Unity Church about not being in a 'poor' mindset, but rather being in a generous mindset, and knowing that the Universe will provide seems to be tapping me on the shoulder again. Time to look up and stop being so pathetic. I have what I need, and then some.

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