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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Link

This was posted in a thread on

It is the most concise, clear write-up about the aspects of a thru-hike on the AT that I've ever read, and several folks on Whiteblaze agree with that. If you wonder what this thing is that I say I want to do, read that. It's not short, it's several pages, but it's well written and flows quickly. There is a part II that I'll read later. I hope to meet this person sometime on the trail.

Speaking of trail. I let a beautiful day go by yesterday and didn't go hiking. I did get a lot of maintenance things done here. So, as soon as I finish posting this I am going to change into hiking clothes (since I remember complaining about jeans the past 2 times I've gone walking) and head to the county park. Weather shouldn't matter, as in if it rains it just means that I'll get to check out how my rain gear works. Chilly, well, I'll get to see if I really have enough of the right kind of layers.

Ready, set, hike...

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