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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Moving

I just accepted a job in Washington state. I will be leaving Tennessee in a couple of weeks. I have A LOT of packing and moving to do before I can leave. I'll be excited about it when I can see it as more than how much I have to do to get ready.

I can't think about it too much or I get teary about leaving this area. I have friends here. My parents moved here to be near me, and are now beyond the age that they can leave to follow me again. They have repeatedly told me to go wherever I needed to in order to get a job. This part doesn't feel good, the leaving part.

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  1. Finally persuaded Blogger to let me read you. Sorry to hear that you lost your job, but I'm glad that you have another. I ran away to Ireland, leaving my parents in England meaning a journey across England, Wales, the Irish Sea & Ireland if they visit. Would you be able to visit your parents regularly? (I don't drive, live 16 miles from the neartest town with public transport & spend any time away from my animals fretting over them, so going visiting away from my immediate area rarely happens. If I need to go back to UK I try to do a 48 hour turn round trip.)