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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I made It

Copied from my post on since I'm still tired:

Thank you, everyone, for the prayers and posts of encouragement. I slept in this morning, 8 am, but here it's only 6! I get to cheat like that for awhile till I get acclimated . I felt the prayers the entire time I was driving out here. In fact I smiled at one point when I had stopped to get gas. I had gotten chilled while filling the truck, and decided once I was in the rig to toss a coke bottle. I was too tired/cold to get back out again, so I just kinda leaned out and threw it in the general direction of the trash bin. I swear there was an 'assist' to that bank shot because it wasn't really close enough to get in on it's own, and I really didn't want to have to get out and pick it up.

The trip went well, better than I had any right to expect. Joyce took me in when plan A didn't work. All the rest areas in IL were full because eveything in KY was closed. Neo and Joyce insisted that I stay with her. It was a wonderful experience, and she and Shadow (her dog) gave up their bedroom for me and the cats. Shadow wasn't even allowed to play with the cats, much as he wanted to.

The trip across MO and KS was mainly just long. I slept in the truck when I got tired and just kept driving. When I limped into Denver I was met with a hug by Cannibal and he and Genuine Draft took me in and made me feel at home. They fed me pizza for dinner, and then Cannibal made me warm cinnamon rolls while Genuine Draft made me coffee for breakfast. I didn't want to leave.

I left Denver with no plan other than just drive. I was having good weather, but didn't know how long that would last. I just beat feet all through WY, at least as much as the poor truck could do with those inclines while pulling my Jeep on the carrier behind it. I knew that it was the end of January and I was further north than this Southern chick ever wanted to be this time of year. The weather was stable, and while there was snow on the ground the roads were clear the entire way.

I made 11 states in 4 days. I'm in a really nice place, a Guest House International. I'm in a 'family suite' and if needed the cats could have their own bedroom with bunk beds. . Breakfast downstairs, an indoor pool with jacuzzi and work out room and laundry facilities. I will say the folks here have been really wonderful. I'm taking up a large chunk of their parking lot with the big truck and car carrier. I can't afford to stay here but a couple of nights, as the relocation fund is draining fast.

First up, after coffee and cleanup, is to unload the cab of the truck and the Jeep. Then find a storage unit, unload the truck, and if it's early enough, turn it in. Then I can relax a bit. Tomorrow and the next day explore and find a place to live longer term. Friday I'll go in and get ID's and meet my new co-workers.

And so ends the saga of Shadowmoss Heads West. Thanks for the support and prayers, they have meant a lot.

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