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My Home

Monday, September 07, 2009

Same Old

Again, not a lot goes on here. The weather has gone back to rainy and cool. One of my co-workers told me, when I was talking in early summer about packing away my winter clothes, 'don't pack them too far away'. I see what she meant. I need a change here. I'm spending this Labor Day weekend going through more stuff trying to eliminate and consolidate. It's the small things at this point. But, I have the time now and it needs to be done.

I head to Nashville the 17th. I will set up the house for the winter, one way or another. I'll make some more decisions. I'll see my Dad again, as he is still there in the nursing home. He mostly sleeps, Mom says. I'll also spend the first weekend at the hangout in Hot Springs. There are so many folks who go to that now that I hope that the small intimate feeling of hanging with some special friends isn't lost.

Perhaps I'll post on my progress from this weekend later. If there is enough progress to discuss.

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