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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More on Blogs

I have been thinking more about my rant here the other day.  I guess this is hitting me because when I started my blog(s) I saw it as a portal to put my own persona out on the web.  I have my own domain, which I do not use for the blog, and have been on the internet for years, and before that on email lists and such.  The blog was the next step in exploring the technology, and I spent some time mentally putting together what I wanted it to be as a reflection of who I am on the net.  I am nicer on the net than I am in person, by the way. 

These new 'focused' blogs that follow the cookie-cutter mentality and where making money is the main goal of the blog bother me.  I still remember when there was a huge fight about letting the internet go commercial rather than keeping it academic (and military, let's be truthful) only.  I guess that is some of what I'm feeling, that tug that it was more fun out here in blog land when they were used for personal expression and not just money making.

Mind you, I have no issues at all with blogs that folks talk about what they love and just happen to have some ads to make some money.  Most of those folks would be writing in some forum anyway.  People who are RV'ing and write about their travels and such especially.  I get value from the blogs and have even been known to donate some money if someone I followed regularly had major issues (such as a heart attack with no insurance).  I guess I just stumbled onto the personal financial blogs, the minimalism blogs, the 'location 180' self-employment blogs, at lot of which are just out there to make a buck and let folks brag about how they are making money working from their computer from exotic locations or whatever.  Some of these blogs are set up to have a formal group go to each other's blogs and click ads to make each other money.  They all write about the same books, and most will have an e-book for sale or some e-course, mostly telling you how to write an e-book or set up and e-course.  sigh. 

Time to go through my blog list and eliminate a few I guess.  I'm also feeling a bit like I'm shaking my walker at the young punks yelling 'Get off my lawn!'  Is this yet another sign that I'm irrefutably old?

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  1. No you aren't getting 'old' are getting bored. I heard a quote not long ago "the first time you hear it, it's news- after that all other times are just echos". This is how I feel a lot of the blogs out there are getting. It's the same stories, different words and layouts, but they all still ultimately mean the same thing.

    I am new to this blogging world, having one I mean, I have been reading them for years. And lately I am starting to shift my focus on what I want to read. I am in search of new blogs giving me new items to read. I am finding that I am tired of the 'masters of everything' telling me how to do something. That information is everywhere I turn. I want to read about people, their lives, their struggles, triumphs, joys. Just their day to day living. I want to read a blog that would mimic a lazy Saturday afternoon just kicking back with friends in the warm sunshine. (And I DON'T want to read about celebrities either- I want honest to goodness down home people like you and me to read about, people that I can relate to and learn from) I DON'T care about Lindsey Lohan and what she does!

    And that is what you will find in my blogs and what I will be out searching for in others. Maybe most people won't agree with me and are 'bored' by this type of writing and living, so be it. Don't read my blogs if you can't relate. Chances are you probably wouldn't be sitting in one of my lawn chairs anyway sipping a cool cocktail on a warm Saturday night to begin with.

    Thanks for a great blog and now I am going to 'nose' around a bit!