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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three suitcases and a box...

This was the title of one of the posts on the Simple Living Network forums that really got me thinking along lines that have me ending up here in Honduras.  The original post was by a guy named Jim who lived in Mexico.  He was originally from Canada, and the three suitcases were how many it took to hold everything he owned, except for a box of important papers in a family member's attic back in Canada.  I'm getting closer to a single box of papers (closer, not really close yet), but as for the rest I'm more a two 10'X20' storage unit person than 3 suitcases. 

This weekend I have made a dent in some of the scanning and tossing of papers.  I need to get moving on some of the things I need to accomplish while I'm down here if I want to be ready to head Some Place Else in 6 months.  I am under 200 days left on my contract.  In talking with Turtle Lady this morning on Skype I verbalized some of the things that I need to have resolution on by next September.  It's a lot.  So, I'm motivated now.

The tenants are moving out of my house.  They didn't pay rent this month because, duh, they will be moving.  Ummmm.  You still owe for this month.  It's in the hands of my real estate agent.  She was headed over there today to talk to them.  Also, she will give me an opinion on whether I should sell or rent it out from here on in.  I prefer to sell if I can get much of anything for it.  Insurance is one of the things that renews (or not) in September.

So, life goes on down here.  Weather is lovely.  Not too hot.  I keep cutting deeper into my long sleeved clothes and sending them back.  I truly don't need layers or long sleeves or more than a light rain jacket  It's a constant surprise to me just how little I need.  I do miss wearing my heavier clothes.  Not enough to move back where it snows, though.  The second Gorilla box of stuff got to Mom without incident, so I'm packing another one to send.  My goal, if I have one, is to send 10 of them so as to cut down on stuff here.  I should get rid of most of this stuff.  But, some of it I just can't let go of yet.  The cost of shipping and storage is buying me time.  Yes, buying the time to sort and let go of stuff is expensive.  Apparently it's a price I'm willing to pay.


  1. you ask on my blog I sounded grouchy. yea, I got a poster on my blog I can't get off with out pissing off some people. I may have to go back to moderated comments. maybe too , I'm ready for real summer time weather, I got things I want to do.
    How's things down your way? Using any of the language you have picked up?

  2. I can't really imagine living from a few suitcases and a box. I can see the appeal, but it's not for me. On the other hand, I don't want piles to the ceiling, either!

  3. Bless your double storage unit heart. Found you at Oldfools. I see a couple of his pals are here. Curious who knew who, where it all started. Sounds like a good book project for an ambitious type. Shadowmoss is an intriguing name. Title of my world.
    Wondering if comments get discovered when they are retroactive?
    Also how does one miss heavy clothes?
    Be safe.