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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Settling In

Week nights seem to be quieter after 10pm than last Saturday was. This is a good thing. My neighbor listened to his stereo (did I just date myself calling the music electronics by that name?) long enough that I shoved things around in the other bedroom and moved my bed into it. It was just the bass line coming through the walls, but it was enough. I drove in to work in the rental car and it takes just enough extra time that I almost didn't have time for breakfast at the dining facility. Once I got to work, it was non-stop all day.

I turned in the high dollar (relatively) rental car, and rented another one from one of the local (when I say local, it means Honduran) guys on our contract that is cheaper per month. Not as nice a car, but the air conditioning works. When I turned in the original car I mentioned that the air conditioning worked Friday night and Monday morning, but not on Saturday during the day when I needed it. She shrugged and said that yes, when it gets hot it stops working. Ummm. That's when I just say to myself, this is Honduras.

I went to the PX and only bought a mop and broom and bread and some new sponges. With all the wiping down I need to do I figured I need more sponges. Once I take the top layer of dirt off I'll switch to them. The apartment isn't filthy, just a layer of dust on everything. This is a dusty country. I got home and there was a truck (upstairs neighbors) parked in my secure parking area. I called the landlord, and they got the neighbor and we worked out a system. Both cars fit, one in front of the other. So, we will work it out. They speak English and are engineers who are working on projects here on post. The landlord looked at the water leak, and decided it is one of the connections to the faucet on the sink. He says he will have it fixed by Saturday.

I fixed a peanut butter sandwich, got my laptop with my TIGO stick and sat my tail in my recliner and didn't move all evening after all that. Just as I turned off the computer and was trying to decide if I wanted to fix myself some tea using my hot pot, the electricity went off. My first thought was No Stereo Tonight!!! The cloudy and breezy evening meant it was cool in the house. So, I took advantage of all of that and went to bed and had a good night. The cooler temps even seemed to quiet the frogs (which I've been told are actually toads...).

This morning I locked the door to my bedroom in case workers were in the apartment. One thing about down here, there are plenty of locks on everything. I struggled with the gate for several minutes trying to get it unlocked to get my car out of the garage. I was late to post so I didn't get breakfast. I'm waiting for it to be delivered now from one of the local restaurants here on post. So, I'm settling in and getting a new routine. I need more curtains and trash cans and food and such. They don't have any dorm fridges at the PX right now, so no fridge until I get help finding one in town. It will all come together.

I guess I need to post more often to avoid these long diatribes.


  1. AC don't work in the car when it gets hot? I suppose the brakes work very well except when you want to stop. You ought to try micro-fiber clothes for cleaning. They do an excellent job.

  2. I am enjoying your posts and don't mind diatribes. I am prone to them myself!

  3. Enjoyed this post very much....possum grin through the whole thing.