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Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Pictures

The is how far I was 2 weeks ago on the sweater. I'm further now. I'll wait until there is something to actually show before I post more pictures of it:

This is the pila on the roof of my apartment building. It is how locals do laundry, more or less.

This is the side where the piece of laundry goes to be scrubbed.

This part in the middle is where the clean water is dipped from. The drain on the side scrubbing area does not empty back in to here.

This is the clothes line that my landlord put up for me. The only issue that the sun is so bright I hate to use it for very long at a time. The good thing is that it is hot enough here that clothes dry really fast.

This is the back of the apartment building showing the creek that runs next to the building.


  1. Your sweater looks great!...what a neat laundry setup!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. That seems like a decent way to do laundry. In the outlying villages in El Salvador (no running water) the ladies take the laundry to the creek and wash them on the stones. Working along with other women, they seem to have a good time.

  3. Sure wish I had that pila at mom's as her washing machine is not working at this time.

    In my house in Houston I bought a laundry rack that I set up in my tub to dry my clothes as the HOA will not allow us to set up clotheslines and my dryer bit the dust.