Four Peaks in snow

Monday, July 16, 2012

Taking a break

I may as well admit that I am just not on the computer as much lately. Well, I'm on the computer as much, but at work we are locked down and I can't get to blogs, including this one to post updates. I am getting loose ends tied up in other areas. If feels like a time to gather energy to get ready to move on. I hope so, anyway.

One of my issues is that I don't really post much about work, and I don't want to post a lot about the area where I live. This is a small country, and it wouldn't be difficult for someone to figure out who I am in real life. Is that a problem? I don't know. So, I keep very quiet about a lot of the details of life down here. Maybe once I leave I'll post some of the pictures.

Also, it is just not safe to wander around down here with a camera out. The vast majority of the time it would be fine. I don't want that one time someone would decide they needed my camera/cell phone/money and id's to make me feel even more afraid. This isn't a vacation, I'm living here and out and about every day. This fear of getting out and doing things is one reason I'm so bored now. It is good in that it is making me do the necessary things to move on.

If I don't post much, and if I am even more boring than usual when I do, that's why.


  1. You're not boring at all and I always look for your posts. Is it the country that is unsafe, and do you think that it is the same with most or all C.A. countries?

  2. Understood.
    Survival first.
    Do what you can and survive.

  3. Hope you get back home soon. How much longer have you committed to to working down there?

  4. Gypsy:
    Honduras is the most dangerous country maybe in the world, depending on how you count it. I think it is the worst for murder per capita. If I didn't work for the DOD (think drug interdiction, although I don't actually DO that) I wouldn't feel like I have a target on myself. If I was a tourist, and was conducting myself in a mild manner I would feel fine. In fact, I want to come back and tour the area when I'm not marked as working on Post.

    OF: Yeah, I feel badly that I'm not taking advantage of the opportunities here, but I just don't feel safe wandering around alone.

    DD: I have no commitment other than my need for a paycheck. I'm sending out resumes, just not hearing back. My debt should be paid off by the end of the year. That changes things a lot...

  5. I'm one of your silent readers, always enjoy your posts.

    Just D.