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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ping Pong

That's what it feels like I'm doing, ping ponging around. Right now I'm back at Mom's place for the weekend. I need tools and more winter clothes that are in storage here in MO, and I need to store some of the stuff I had with me. Now that I have a (slightly)smaller target to hit with what things I need I'm here to organize a bit. It is early so Mom is still asleep in the living room, so I'm on the computer catching up. I do miss having my desktop computer. I just thought I might keep my biggest laptop with the 17" screen with me after all. My eyes just don't do well on the smaller screens as my primary computer. The wireless at the hotel where we've been staying has been spotty, so all in all I haven't been spending much time on-line.

I went through rain last night on the way in. I'm hoping it gets rid of all the snow and I don't have to see any more for the foreseeable future. I took my time and stopped a lot on the way and while I was tired when I got here, I am able to be up and about early today. This is good as I need to drive back to Chicago tomorrow for another class on Monday. A couple of the guys in the group just came in from Afghanistan, so I'm in awe of their ability to make the temperature transition. The guys who will be up on the towers and roofs will be working this weekend if the weather cooperates, so I hope it at least warms up for them. I can see that I need to start working out to strengthen my back. The good thing is that as I'm moving around more and lifting (mostly my stuff in and out of the Jeep at this point), the soreness doesn't last as long. Each morning I'm ok again, even though I'm stiff and sore at night.

All in all it is an adventure. Very different than most of what I've done before. It is a new company so there isn't a lot of structure right now. It is a mix of younger guys and a couple of us older ones who have been around this kind of thing before. I'm sure there will be things to work out. For once there is another female, and she will be in class with me next week. She is cool, and has a lot of stories to tell from her time in the military. Neither she nor I are much used to working with other women, so that is something we will work out.

As for why Chicago, that is where I am told they need me. I murmured about going to Seattle, but the main boss said he needs me in Chicago. Turns out I worked with him in Honduras as well, so he knows me. Maybe once this site is up and running I can move around a bit. It is all a work in progress.


  1. It will be interesting following your adventures in Chicago.

  2. What a change, from warm to cold. I suppose you will wish you back in Honduras? I have never visited Chicago but did change planes there one time. You can have the city, I will take the country.

  3. it's funny what you said about working with women. I was in a training class with my team for three days and it was primarily for developers. There were three other women besides me in the class of 19. 2 of them were marketing people. One was a sort of developer. And then there was me. I'm trying to remember the last time there was more than one woman on my team (that wasn't me) and I have to go back at least 8 years. It's kind of sad.

    I like Chicago as far as cities go. As my brother the mountain guy put it, if you're in the city, be in the city :-) And it could be one hell of a lot worse. He's kept his apartment in Manhattan although I don't know he'll ever live there again.

    The cold will pass. You'll be ok.

  4. My goodness what a whirlwind your life has been this past month.

    Thank you for keeping us informed. My best to you.