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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My stuff continues to occupy my mind space. I think about what I don't have that I would like to have here. I think about the 2 10x20' storage units of stuff in MO and wish I knew how to get to it and trim it down. I think about how I don't want to go out and get new things here that I have in storage in MO. I don't think this is how an experiment in minimalism (relatively speaking) is supposed to go down.

The latest things I acquired are a 1 gallon plastic pitcher, tea bags and sugar all from the dreaded Mart. I want something to drink other than coffee, and home made sweet tea won out. I also got 3 more gallons of drinking water. I need (want?) to get a Brita filtering setup so I can hopefully get the city tap water to not taste so bad. This would also give me something to use the ever larger pile of gallon plastic jugs left over after I use the water. At $.88/gal the price to just buy the bottled water isn't bad, but the fact that I have to go buy it, and the empty jugs afterwards piling up mean a new way has to be found. An alternative, I guess, would be to find a 'fill your own jug' water filtering station.

I am getting more comfortable with the less stuff lifestyle. Having the tea in the fridge was a large step into luxury for me. Next up is a skillet and spatula I think. I do check out thrift stores, but lately the prices at the Goodwill and Savers stores are so close to prices for new that I opt to go new and get only what I want. As I read recipes to start cooking at home in order to take in lunches to work I realize I not only don't have the ingredients but I also don't have the cookware to cook it or the containers to store it in the freezer. Back to the storage units many zip codes away, I have multiples of everything back there and can't get to it. It really isn't worth having Mom search through the boxes of stuff and mail it to me.

I am in the middle of almost a week off work as I switch to 12 hr shifts at night. I worry about spending money so I'm not driving anyplace. I'm not going shopping. I'm not doing much of anything. I have time and no good ideas of what to do. So, I'm sitting pondering all of this.


  1. I've used a Brita for years, and it takes the chlorine and other chemical taste out. Too bad our timing is off as I'm driving from CA to NY at the end of August and driving back to CA a couple months later. I could stop in MO and pick up a few boxes for you. If you still need things from your storage by, say Oct/Nov time frame, please let me know.

  2. Do you eat ice cream or yogurt? After I finish eating them I save them and used them to store leftovers in the freezer or in the refrigerator.

    I find vegetables and fruit last longer if I place them in these air tight containers.

    I also use them to store cereal and Walter's horse pellets and they don't cost me a dime.