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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Good Morning

Up around 7 because I was slept out. Had breakfast while Skyping with Mom. Look out the window to... dark. Because it is 7pm when I get up now and my 'day' is more or less midnight to noon. I will have to intermingle with folks on the backside of my day, not my best time even when I'm on the same schedule as the majority of the populace. However, we didn't win the PowerBall last night. I give the guy at work who buys the group tickets a hard time about not getting us a winner yet. He just looks at me with one of 'those' looks. What does he care, he has retired twice now and just works now to have something to do. He's strange in other ways, too.

My body isn't sure if it wants breakfast or dinner or if I am at the beginning or end of the day, wind up time or wind down time. I'm told I'll get used to it. I have 2 nights off, then I swing into the regular schedule of 3 on, 4 off, 4 on, 3 off, midnight to noon. Even I think I'm looking a bit rough as the regular day folks stumble in around 8 am. I should work on that. Luckily we aren't a spit and polish corporate workplace.

Another cup of coffee and I'll start clearing things around here at home. I pulled everything out a few weeks ago to go through it all and I'm tired of stepping over it. That is one excuse for no pictures, it's kind messy here right now. I should also go buy a vacuum and a mop. Tell me again how the 100 item folks do it. You know, the ones who only own 100 things. I have decided to get rid of one blouse I brought with me. Since I wear each piece of clothing more now I'm either wearing them out or am just now noticing that some pieces don't look all that good. I can get rid of several more pieces before I have to worry about not having clothes, though.

And this is my life right now. Waiting on cooler temperatures to go on adventure, getting used to night shift and cleaning house. I'll try some of the offered solutions to get Linux going on my days off as well. It is just difficult to get fired up with it being dark outside now. Seems like it should be time to go to sleep instead.


  1. I could never work that kind of hours. I'm always best in the morning and fade after 1pm. Your place couldn't be a cluttered as mine is right now, and I'm only going on a trip!

  2. Best wishes on your new place!

    I have been thinking, too, of whittling down my junk. I was never much of a collector except for books, but it seems life has just left this huge deposit of STUFF anyway. I have room for it, but so what? Space is what I crave.

    Hope you adjust soon to your schedule. Peace, Mari

  3. I remember working those hours in my 20's and I found it difficult then. I am the same age as you and no way could I work those hours. I think it is hard on the body and un-natural. No wonder you are not feeling in top form.

    Re: stuff. Why not try the one year rule. Put everything you don't use regularly in a container and away in storage. Only keep out what you need, if in a year you haven't used it. You don't need it.

    I don't mean to be cruel when I say this but you spend way too much time thinking about your stuff.