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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Canadian Snooze Alarm–take 2

This morning my alarm went off at 7am, as I have decided I need to get going even in retirement, so as not to get lazy.  I was laying there thinking I should get up.  I heard my sliding glass door open and a voice, this time Norma, saying ‘come quick, something has happened!’.  I said ‘on my way, your place or Mom’s?’.  ‘Ours’ and away she went.  I threw on jeans and a sweatshirt and ran over. 

Mr. Drama Croft couldn’t just unhook and leave.  He had to spice the departure up.  As he unhooked the water line the entire top of the water pipe came off, drenching him and the entire area.  When I got there he was on his knees with a rag over the end of the pipe, attempting unsuccessfully to stop the strong flow of water.  Did I mention we have great water pressure here?

I ran to the park handyman’s mobile and pounded on his door, no answer.  I had put my phone in my pocket so I called the office number.  The office wasn’t open yet, but the manager answered and I told her the problem.  She said she call out the park handymen. 

I went back over and unfortunately didn’t remember my phone camera to record as Norma got some cement blocks to take the place of Croft putting pressure on the pipe.  He was tired of kneeling in the gravel at that point.  At some point I put the electric cord, which was still plugged in, up out of the water.






Once the guys got there the water was turned off for a bit and they put a new head on the pipe.  Other than Croft being damp, all was well.


What will I do for entertainment when they leave?


  1. Noooooo!! Glad it ended well tho...

  2. Sure glad Croft coukd get you up and out of bed. Lol. Always something.

  3. Great entertainment, and it was free, just for the watching. Did you think it was a Three Stooges movie?

  4. A great send off he was given.
    For entertainment guess you need that perfect Rv and get on the road.

  5. It was very much like a Three Stooges movie! The fountain of water was shooting six feet in the air before I started pushing the wadded up rag against the broken pipe. Early morning drama!