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Monday, April 28, 2008

Time is Draggin On

I'm STILL in Lansing. The fielding continued to go well, and I am basically finished with my part. However, it is Monday, and my flight home isn't till Friday. I could go home, probably, but there is little incentive, other than getting home. So, I'm sitting in a room on site, killing time. Up until this morning there were things I did need to do. Maybe I'll think of some more.

I ended up spending money yesterday. First I made a $70+ order to for hammock and hammock sock-making parts. Lightweight bug netting, grossgrain ribbon, cord and cordlocks should hopefully be waiting at the post office when I get home. I paid up my subscription to a message board I frequent, and then went to the mall and spent another $70 on gee-gaws from an import store that is going out of business. Two dragon statues and a couple of (cheaply) framed prints I liked. Hey, Oddball, I almost got you a dragon statue, too, but didn't know which one you would like. Getting them home may be interesting...

There is a meet-up of most of the folks I'd really like to see going on in Damascus, VA today. Shiloh, Lost, Zak and a few others all converge there at The Only Wanderer's house. Yet another thing I could have attended if I wasn't up here... doing the responsible thing... I'm hoping to hear from Shiloh this afternoon, and Lost later on, maybe in a week when she gets home.

I'm designing and redesigning my hammock-to-be and hammock sock-to-be. Hope I keep the enthusiasm to actually cut them out and sew them next week when I get home.

Time to make my hourly tour through the message boards to see if anyone is saying anything interesting.

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