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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm reading blogs again this morning. Lloyd Kahn's blog is, as usual, a treasure trove of interesting things. First, this blog on boingboing: he's a good writer, writing about a trip to Peru. Fun stuff, and worth reading. Over at MissMinimalist she talks about floor coverings, and gives the link to . There they sell carpet squares that you attach to each other (velcro?) to make a room rug. When you move, or just want it in another room or shape, you just take them up and go. Makes sense to me, and something that I'll remember for the future. That site is kinda pricey for this bargain-basement gal, but the idea could be used with regular squares by just not using adhesive, I'd think.

I tried using Evernote as a place in the 'cloud' (what I used to call the internet...) to store documents and such. It uses the new organizational method of putting everything in one space and using tags to search for it. That isn't how my mind works. I used a huge chunk of my free monthly 'usage' to just set up seperate notebooks to organize about a dozen documents. In the comments on another minimalist blog I saw a place that has 50G of free storage to organize how you want, . So, I signed up there and put a few things up. I won't put real private documents there, but it will be a good secondary off-site storage for my scanned documents. I'll get back with a review as I use it more.

Continuing on with the bankers boxes of files that I brought out here, I spent yesterday and today sorting and shredding bills and statements from '96 and '05. Some never opened. I tend to just toss things into a file folder in case I need it later. The number of files I'm keeping is still just one box, and I've gone through 3. My new desk area is a cluttered mess, though. I have stuff to scan, more recent files to organize, and general mess with the computer related stuff I'm coming across. Today will be spent reclaiming parts of that area. I did finally find my generic IPod. Now I can download podcasts to listen to while walking at noon at work.

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