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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still Here

I'm fine.  I've been battling a bit of depression and not getting much of the right things done.  No knitting, little cleaning, or working out, or hiking.  I have gone to the Casinos a lot.  I'm working on it.

I did go to Seaside, OR last weekend.  I reconnected with a high school friend who I thought was still in California.  Turns out she's a couple of hours south of me in Oregon.  So, I drove down and we spent about 24 hours trying to catch up almost 20 years of events.  It was fun.  I also was introduced to Oregon coast salt water taffy.  I'll be heading down again for some more talk and taffy.

I also got contacts last week.  Today is day 4.  I am on the last hour of my first 10 hour day.  I am ready to take them out.  I was ready yesterday a little before the end of the 8 hours I was to have them in that day.  I'm getting better at putting them in.  I'll find out in a few minutes if I'm also getting better at taking them out.  I'm a bit disappointed in how well I see, or rather don't see.  The whole reading glasses thing is a pain.  I also need to get some sun glasses for the first time in a few decades.  I'm glad I'm trying these contacts out so that if I get Lasik surgery I'll know ahead of time what I'm getting into.  Had I discovered all this (how fuzzy more than just 'reading distance' things are still) after going through the expense of an non-reversible surgery I'd be upset.

I am still sorting paperwork.  Also, Lori and I had a 'skirt day' at work.  Took me 3 tries to find a dress I could still get buttoned, and it was tight.  Several things are going in the donate pile from that experience.  When I lose this 10 pounds I've put on, the things will still be out of style.  Slowly I'm making headway in my pursuit of less stuff.

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  1. Hang in there.

    It must have been a delight to catch up with an old friend.