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Monday, July 10, 2006


I just ended up in a fight in the chat room. There are folks who like to pick fights and then act like it's the other folks' problem and get insulting. There is a lot of bad juju going on on the group of geeks here lately. I think it is time to really, really sit back and just ignore what is going on.

Back to what I was doing... The house got cleaned for the open house. Mom came over and washed the windows for me, then couldn't just stop and washed most of the walls of the spare bedrooms and then raked the leaves away from the house. This is why I don't ask her for help very often, it is just demoralizing to be shown up so badly. Of course, I was already sore and about whupped from cleaning for a week.

A guy stopped by early while I was still working on the yard. He said that he'd be back when the realtor was here for the open house, but apparently didn't show back up. A couple showed up near the end, but said the rooms are too small. The realtor said the guy was trying to talk the woman into it. Most guys love the yard and workshop. Most women don't what this small of a house.

I am still sore and tired. I took last night off. Today I start working on certifications and looking for a better paying job when I get home from work. The normal dispatcher is off for a knee replacement, and will be gone for 3 weeks, so I have no idea what kind of calls I'll get. It seems I wasn't officially in the system. He would pull my calls individually. He said he fixed it, but that is the second time he said he fixed it...

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