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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Quiet Sunday

It's a nice quiet Sunday morning. Most of my 'have to do' stuff is done, and I am now to the 'better get done' stuff. My stress level is much lower than last weekend, the parental units are doing fine now and all is well. Time to look around and figure out how to actually make some progress out of this phase rather than just holding on trying to survive.

I've done some thinking, and some discussion in the chat room last night, about what my next move might be. The end result of a lot of thinking and looking around is that the cheapest way to live still seems to be to get the new house fixed up and live there. I went to a 'don't foreclose' type site yesterday to see what that is about. I'm thinking of just dumping this place for what I owe on it and moving on. This is a nice place, and I'm sorry that it isn't selling. But, it's time to get out from under it. I started telling my realtor that when his contract is up at the end of August I'm going to 'take it off the market for awhile'. Basically, if it isn't sold, I'm going to actively explore the option of just selling it to the bottom-feeding brokers.

There is a job that I am qualified for and that actually sounds fun listed on So, I need to get my act together and send in a resume. I also need to do 2 new certifications for my current job. It would be a good thing to also take a load of stuff from here over to the new house. I still have things down in the small outbuilding that need to be moved or gotten rid of. I keep asking Nancye if she wants to meet so I can send some clothes off with her. Some things I just can't dump in an anonymous Goodwill bin. The end result is the same, it's the actual hand off that is easier.

Yesterday I spent about 20 minutes watching a doe feed in my back yard. The dog was on the deck and never even knew the doe was in the yard. It was fun watching a wild animal graze over most of the yard, wandering here and there. The new place should also have wildlife since it has acres of woods all around it.

Ok, time to get busy. I want to make some progress before the next disaster causes me to stress out.

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