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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mom's OK

When the heart doctor finally said it wasn't her heart and let them start treating her stomach issues, she bounced back almost immediately. She is to have a CAT scan this morning, then be released. She asked me where I put the van so she could find it to drive home, and the nurse who heard her said that there was a good chance that she wouldn't be released to drive herself home. We talked about how to handle it, and she is to call me if she needs me to drive her home. So far I haven't heard from her.

While loading my Dad's wheelchair into the van yesterday evening I went too fast with it and got it partially off the ramp. I was able to get it back on, while Dad just said "if it gets away from you just let it go, don't hurt yourself". I was happy that I was able to use leverage and not have to lift it since my back didn't hurt at the time. I can tell today, though, that my back isn't quite as healed as it was before. Oh, well. I drove Dad and I to Cracker Barrel and we had supper last night. I saw Mom going both directions since I stopped at the hospital and got her van to transport Dad's wheelchair. I haven't told her about almost dropping it off the ramp yet. Several folks at the senior housing were out on their porches watching, though, so I'm sure she will hear about it. sigh.

Today I am doing my regular weekend stuff, laundry and such. The temperature outside has broken and is now bearable. My back says no yard work, though. One step at a time. That seems to be the only way to get though this phase of whatever it is I'm going through right now.

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