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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Odds and Ends Again

This has been an uncoordinated week so far. I have just felt out of sync. But, today I got up at 6 am for the first time in many weeks. I had intended to keep getting up early as if I had to be at a 8 am job. But... I must be feeling better cause I am wide awake. This is good. I didn't go to the gym last evening because my back has been hurting again. I've decided that it is this twin bed I'm sleeping on. I need my waterbed back! However, there is little point in setting it up in a room that is a wreck and in need of remodeling. Then again, it will be months till I get to that room... pondering... maybe I should just bite the bullet and set it up.

I am going to go to Home Depot and check out kitchen ranges. They are having a sale. Why spend money on a temporary solution when I might be able to buy a new stove for just a bit more? I will make a decision when I have the data in front of me. I didn't work on the office so far this week. Perhaps as I clear out the clutter and get a bit more settled in I will have the energy to work in there again. In the evenings I come home and get chilled and just crawl under the covers and stare at the computer till I decide to turn out the lights and fall asleep.

I got the truck back on the road. It's good to drive it again. It needs new tires and some other work. Oddball checked and informed me that I need to schedule a timing belt change a year and a half ago. The truck is a 96 Toyota with somewhere between 280-290K miles. Tires first, then timing belt. Back to if it's not one thing it's another.

Two more pieces of info due in the mail, and I can file my income tax. I'm hoping for some money back this year again. See above list of stove, tires, timing belt and add in hiking gear and it's obvious I have places to spend any money I might get back. Oh, and I got the news that my COBRA insurance has gone up from $239/month to over $300/month. sigh. Time to start pricing an individual medical policy. Maybe even join that Organization That Will Not Be Named in order to get a policy through them.

On a lighter note, discussion boards again have given me a cool link. has daily one hour yoga workouts. I downloaded part of one last night before my connection froze up. There are some advertisements (a la TV) which are a novelty to me since I don't watch TV. But, a free workout if it's any good would be a good thing. I will try downloading a couple of the workout videos while I'm down in town and have broadband.

Another cool site that I haven't explored much is: It is Open Culture and is a list of podcasts from Universities free for download. Notice the word download... which I can't do at home very well. Some of the folks on the forum download these to their IPod and listen to them while they work out. I would be content to be able to just download them to my computer...

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