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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rapid Reversals

This is my day of the month to be grumpy. And a bitch. I know many of the folks would ask what is different about today. The difference is that today I'd cut them into 3 pieces if they said it to my face. I don't want to face the day.

So, since the world doesn't stop this one day a month for me, I started my morning routine. It includes checking my email. There I saw a letter from Chris at the Nanowrimo site. If you remember (or if you don't) it is the yearly challenge to write a novel in 30 days in November. I started it before life got completely out of control with the move. I made 5000 words, the least I've done in the 3 times I've tried it. At any rate, I figured he was branching out into fund raising year round. I sighed, but I didn't delete it. I started reading. Here is a partial copy of the letter:

"Think for a moment about those activities, classes, and endeavors that you've long daydreamed about, but have never quite got around to tackling. I'm talking about the roads less traveled---the tuba lessons, the family-history writing, the foreign language learning, the transformation of your living room into a multi-story race course for feral hamsters. These are the nonessential creative activities that get us in over our heads, bring new people into our lives, and help make life more magical.

As adults, we tend to steer clear of these pursuits because they t ake time and cost money. But putting off all our adventures for later comes with its own set of costs. Our souls become dry and brittle. Our energy levels sag. Our noses fall off.

Which is why I'm inviting you to pick a couple never-before-attempted endeavors that have long intrigued and daunted you, and then do them in 2007.


Yep. Once you have your list of new adventures post it in the Adventure Log, 2007 thread of the brand-new Trying Big, Fun, Scary Things Together 2007 forum on the NaNo site.

We'll cheer each other on, post updates on our various achievements and defeats, and generally revel in the joys of being inspired dilettantes. I'll also email a special certificate to anyone who accomplishes at least one of their Big, Fun, Scary Things by the onset of NaNoWriMo---October 1, 2007."

No fund raising anywhere in the post. Just an invitation to have fun. I smiled so hard I have tears in my eyes. This made my day. I am already in the beginnings of one of my Big Fun Scary Things, I plan to paint the office turquoise. This is out of character for me. I will put brightly colored prints on the walls. Again, very out of character. Or, maybe fabric and textiles. But, I will make it a bright room. This is why I'm excited to work on the office now and why I'm actually making progress on it. But, I needed to be reminded about this on this previously grumpy, gloomy morning.

The Nano site is: for those of you that wish to join in the fun.

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