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Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Class Done

I taught my second class on this fielding. It went well. I slipped up some, did some good things, all in all a learning experience for all involved (I hope). Tomorrow I start building the production system, which is small this time. I'm getting along well with everyone I'm here with this time.

Since we have these full kitchens again, I've been grocery shopping almost every evening while here. The guys all cook full means, and always seem to need more food again on the way home from work. I found some nutella. I've heard about it on the hiking forums, but never had any. It has real promise. Can't really describe it, but I'm thinking it may actually inspire me to actually start making my own energy bars. It has a nice, chocolaty, nutty taste that it seems would be easy to work the other tastes into.

Scott, the other IT person along this time, and I have both been sick since we got here. We each think we are better and eat a full meal, and our bodies tell us that we really shouldn't have done that. Not sure what is up with it all.

Anyway, so far, so good. The other instructors have started arriving, and we work tomorrow. One day off this week, but both days off next weekend. Not sure what sight-seeing we'll get to do.

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