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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Be it ever so humble...

I'm back home. It was a full day of travel on Friday. After we were all loaded into the airplane and waiting to push back, someone noticed that we didn't have a pilot or co-pilot. I kid you not. Seems no one thought to check on that before we boarded. So, we came off the plane and called the 800 number. Three or four calls later, I ended up on the earliest connecting flight from Dallas to Nashville. I wasn't feeling too warm and fuzzy about my chances, but figured Dallas was a lot closer than Albuquerque (spell check says that is right...) so headed out on our delayed flight. I was really on the early flight, so I waved goodbye to the rest of the team, who had a later flight out, and was home around 5:30. I was greeted by rain. It was wonderful after 3 weeks in a desert. I got on a wrong shuttle to my truck, but they made an extra run for me, and all was well. I didn't even mind loading the luggage into the truck in the rain.

My enthusiasm evaporated in a general collapse yesterday, and I slept most of the day. Today laundry is the main thing I'm getting done. I'll try for baby steps during the week. Next weekend I may be heading to Gatlinburg to meet up with Shiloh, but that is tentative at this point. He is too far away to say when he will actually make it there until he gets to Fontana Village.

I'll try to do an update on the cool things we did on our weekend off in Santa Fe. Right now I'm still brain dead.

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