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My Home

Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm in one of those 'resting' periods. That's the times when everything is going pretty well for me, enough money and no major stresses. After the year of 2 mortgages and little money, I am enjoying this. This fielding is also going well. I am grateful for this.

Yesterday a couple of the guys and I went riding around Santa Fe to see what is here. We drove up a mountain to a ski resort. We didn't particularly mean to go to the ski resort, but the road just ended there. According to the GPS the road continued, but we couldn't find it amid the parked cars a people waving us into the parking lots and such. It was 27 degrees up there. So, we drove back down the mountain. On the way we stopped at an overlook to take some pictures. We had to climb over a snow bank to get to the observation deck. Once we were back in town, about 15 minutes later, it was 48 degrees. I'd heard about this, but never experienced it before.

We went to Jackalope, a tourist shop. Actually, a gathering of several tourist shops. Between all the adobe style buildings here in Santa Fe and some of the cool gee-gaws in the shops, I'm getting motivated to think about working on the house again. We'll see if this enthusiasm lasts once I get home.

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