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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Saturday Morning

Would that be Cat Stevens' song now that we are all no longer 20? Anyway, on to what I'm reading. And, uh, morning is barely true, as I slept in till 11am.

On, I'm reminded of the Organized Home challenge. I am doing that anyway, which goes along with wanting to move. Kitchen is pretty much organized, if you don't count the large plastic cubes of kitchen stuff that are in the living room under tablecloths and disguised as end tables.

On another blog (by a guy...) he mentioned his hula girl beaded curtains. I'm thinking that some of those might be an answer to covering the living room windows and still letting the cats see out. On my side I'd still have the IKEA white curtains pulled back in the traditional manner, but the middle would show off the beaded curtains. From the outside, I guess they'd see the beaded ones mostly. Pondering...

In the IKEA catalog is my new dining room table. It is a Norden gateleg table. Pictures here:

I just accidentally deleted a few paragraphs about other blogs. The auto save was too fast and saved after I deleted it...

One was about a blog where a woman who home sews is making slippers for her family. Interesting family in that it is nice to see the workings of a home-schools, attempting to be self-sufficient as possible largish family (4 kids):

Another was a blog that I follow about a guy who has a really nice motor home who camp hosts a lot around the western part of the US. His past two entries about about driving over the Hoover Dam, with information about the new Dam by-pass highway being built so that all the NAFTA traffic doesn't drive over the Dam itself with it's security concerns, and an brief intro on Kartchner Caverns State Park in AZ. He is a former news photojournalist from Portland, OR, so his posts are always more professional than most folks I follow:

As for what's going on around here, Dad is back in the nursing home. It takes up to an hour to feed him a meal, and Mom doesn't know how long either she or the nursing home folks can handle doing that. He himself gets frustrated with it all, and doesn't always understand what's going on or why he has to swallow twice. I slept, as I said, and so apartment hunting is on hold for today. I have been working on the afghan I started last winter, so there is progress in using up my yarn stash. Using up what I have put back for 'some other time' is my main decluttering mode right now. I'm continuing to study for my Security+ exam, and feel good about knowing about 80% of the material. That is Thing One to get done this weekend, and I have a target date of taking the test the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend.

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