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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I came home yesterday, changed clothes into sweats and decided on a 'quick' nap before starting anything else. I woke up after a deep sleep, and without glasses on thought the clock said 4am. Apparently it actually said 9pm. Anyway, I just finished getting undressed and went to bed thinking I'd missed the evening. So, that's why no update yesterday. That's my story...

I feel like I need to explain a link I disconnected recently. I have a friends list of blogs that I follow. I took one person off. I enjoyed reading her blog entries about her life. However, now her blog is only her 'tweets', which made no sense whatsoever when I'm so far away from her life. It's difficult to have any depth of thought conveyed in 140 characters. So, I dropped her blog from my friends list. If she goes back to actually writing I will add her back in happily. But, life moves on and I'm guessing this fits her current life better.

I have today off for Veteran's Day. I was thinking of driving over to the Olympics to the Hoh Rain Forest. I may instead do house things, and free up next weekend for that. Or, I may just be lazy all day and next weekend, too. That's the problem with no one out here to motivate me. Once I get going I'm glad I did. It's that whole get in the Jeep and go part that's difficult.

Since I owe a post I'll post again tonight.

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