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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm slacking tonight, a bit late with a post after raising an alarm last night. I apologize. Dad is ok. He doesn't have pneumonia, which is what I guess they were worried about. He aspirates when he eats. It's getting worse. He doesn't want a feeding tube. So, this is how it is now. Feed him small bites and make sure he swallows twice. He goes back to the nursing home tomorrow. I talked to him when I called Mom today as she hadn't yet called me. Cell phones make this possible, for me to call and catch Mom is his room there. He asked a vague question that didn't fit, making Mom think he didn't know who he was talking to. I had called him Daddy, as I have a lot even as an adult, so he would have a clue, and he said he knew who he was talking to. I think he is just slipping deeper into his shadowy dream world, and this world's details don't matter so much to him.

Not much else going on. Tomorrow is Friday, so I will soon have the weekend to do more to write about.

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