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Saturday, January 02, 2010

I did it

I went to the workout room and walked a mile on the treadmill yesterday. I actually followed up on a resolution. Just 364 more days to make it for the year. Unless a reference is correct that I just saw and it's a leap year. Who knew? Ok, so maybe 365 more days (including today). I also made some real food for supper, lentil soup and chicken salad for sandwiches. It was good.

On Madcap's blog where she posted that her husband finished her closets for her (part of the remodel) for the Holidays, I posted this comment:

I think that's one reason I love this new apartment so much, everything works. Cabinets and shelves are level and solid, doors open (and stay open rather than swinging shut again without some stopper), and if something doesn't work I just stop by the office and put in a work order and amazingly it works when I get home after work. Bland, beige, but square and level and convenient. Who knew these places existed? I'm sure I'll be ready for quirky again when it's time to move, though.

The truth is that I feel guilty about liking the yuppie-ness of this place so much. Quirky is fun, different than the masses, creative, and a lot of times a pain in the a$$ to manage all the non-standard things when it doesn't work and off the shelf fixes don't fit. At the moment bland and standard are relaxing to me. I really do hope that I'm up for quirky again in a few months, though.

On that line, I did start looking at some of the islands in the sound around here to see if there might be rentals to be had when I move from here. However, it would cost approximately $120/week or more to take the ferry back and forth just for work. I can't afford that quirkyness. I'll keep looking.

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