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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Two's a trend?

I made it a second day on the treadmill. So, two is a trend, isn't it? I also continued to eat more or less healthy(ier?). On, a forum where I hang out, a site called was recommended. I joined, since it's free, and I'm tracking my exercise and eating. After the experience with the pedometer where it was so sensitive that it jumped if I took a deep breath, I'm not so excited about tracking my steps. If I come into a better quality pedometer I might do that, too. At any rate, it's a place to be accountable to myself. A bit too gung-ho, we're a community, etc. for my taste, but I'll take what works from there.

Still putting things away. No trips out to the Olympics this weekend. I sat down and put my finances on paper. I'm somber about that now. Can't even blame it all on the Casino. So, I'm going to hunker down and cook at home and not spend much money for awhile. I'm sure I'll get over it soon.

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