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Sunday, June 12, 2011


This post is for tffnguy at who is dealing with 100* temps and not refridgeration.  I mentioned that the backpacking survival sites have a good selection of dehydrated and freeze-dried foods that don't need special storage or long cooking times.  So, here is a partial list done up quickly.  As I come across or remember other sites I'll let everyone know.

They have stuff in 1 cup bags with a ziplock, a good way to sample to see if you like
things.  Good selection of veggies and beans, but I don't like their tofu, and anything
that sounds like meat will have -ish after it to show that it's really flavored tofu.  This
is my go-to place to keep veggies on hand.

This place has pretty much everything.  Not particularly the cheapest, but a really good
selection.  Not everything is dehydrated/freeze-dried, so watch out with beans and such
that you can buy locally probably cheaper.  Make sure you are getting the dried stuff,
which is quicker to cook up with less fuel.  I haven't ordered from here, but they have
been around for awhile.

If the above look like just 'ingredients' rather than food try the next site to see how to
cook with this type of food:

Lots of 'recipies' and good tips on how to eat well while backpacking or camping.  Or living off-grid?

Some places with complete meals, again not the cheapest but factoring in storage and
cook fuel and ability to keep on hand they are a bargain for some folks:

I have ordered from Hawk Vittles.  They are really good.  Again, not the cheapest but they store for a long time and you can use the freezerbag cooking style to make them.  Basically add boiling water and put in a coozie (cook it in a freezer zip lock bag if you want...) for the allotted time.

I mentioned in my comment on his site a free to make soda pop can alcohol stove, and miss spelled the type of fuel usually used.  It's denatured alcohol, and its the HEET brand in the yellow bottle.


  1. Shadowmoss, Thanks for the links. Some of it looks mighty good I'll have to check in to it. Shipping to here may be a problem for some though because FedEx couldn't find this place if they ran in to it.

  2. We used to buy MRE's. military freeze dried packets. They keep forever and you could survive on them if you had too. Noticed that the prices on them have gone skyhigh now.
    This just one link for them if you interested

  3. I read tffnguy's post and also wondered if single servings in pouches and little cups of tuna and other meats might work in his situation.

  4. BiT, I had a bunch of MRE's before a came down here, but like a lot of other stuff they got left behind. They are out of my price range to buy more though now days.

    judysquiltsandthings, I did just buy a couple of packets of tuna, but down here prices are considerably higher than out of this area so if I start stocking up on stuff like that it will have to be when I go to the big city.

  5. The be prepared site has things like butter powder and powdered eggs and dehydrated meats (real meats, not tofu) and cheeses that could fill in the dairy and cooking issues of no refrigeration. A little would go a long ways, so in the long run it is affordable, but with a larger up-front cost.