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Saturday, May 07, 2016


Hopefully the after will show a new and functional city water connection.
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  1. Oh Boy! $50 here, $50 there, it adds up. Hopefully all small things.

    I am beginning to suspect this rig has not been used for a while. This is neither good or bad, it just might explain some problems. The water system might need a good flushing out, both hot and cold system including the holding tank.

    1. Probably at least a year since it was used. The city water inlet looks to be snapped off. So far it is $16, 2 trips (so far) for parts, and a call to Sandy. As a side note, hopefully I'll learn to listen to her first. Actual part replacement is put off until this evening when it is cooler.

  2. Good luck and hope things work out well for you.