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Friday, October 17, 2008

Germany, Here I Come

I am 90% packed at this point. My plane leave the airport at 1:30 pm tomorrow. I need to leave the house around 11 am or so. I figure I can stuff the last odds and ends into the luggage, and clean house, and load the truck and still have time to drink a few cups of coffee here at the house before leaving.

I am finally getting a bit excited. I guess it just hasn't been real to me till now. It still just seems like a normal fielding at this point, other than the fact that I'm leaving on a Saturday. I figure about 4 hours into the flight, when I'm almost half way, is when I'll start realizing how far away from home I'm traveling. That, and the fact that English will no longer be the primary language.

I'm really tired from all the planning and packing and lugging the stuff around. I'll sleep well tonight. I'm leaving a few things mid-plan here in town. I am narrowing down the kind of car I will probably buy. I found a 3 wheeled scooter I want to look at (probably won't get it...) as a possibility instead of a car. If I really like it but it seems impractical as primary transportation, I may get it along with a car. Things to ponder that I can't do anything about for 3 weeks.

As I've said, I am really making a pledge to update this journal on a daily basis while I'm gone. I'm not sure how quickly I'll get here once I'm in Germany, but once situated there is no reason not to post.

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