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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm still here

It's now Sunday evening. I'll catch up with what I did this weekend in Germany. Saturday morning I slept in till around 9am, then went down for breakfast. I was afraid that I'd miss my one chance per day to have more or less unlimited coffee. I found the gang, and it was decided that after breakfast we would drive over to the next town, Rothenburg. It has a medieval village that at least 2 people had recommended we make time to visit. So, around 11am we met at the van and headed over.

We spent the day touring the village. I took lots of pictures. I even climbed the town tower. My legs about gave out on the way up. There is no way this would be allowed in the States, the climb out to the walkway was tight even for me. After lunch I went back to a shop I'd seen earlier and spent a lot of money getting period clothing. I even got a long dress with draping sleeves. I also got a couple of period shirts, one black and one white with a black vest. I got some other things at other shops, including the required beer steins. The next order of business was to go over to post and do laundry at a time when the laundromat would be empty. We planned well, as we were the only ones there. I guess no one else wanted to spend Saturday evening there.

This morning I started talking to a woman at breakfast who obviously spoke English when ordering. Turns out she is from Detroit, MI, and is here working on base for a few months as a civilian. After eating, I came up to the room and fooled around on the internet for awhile. Then I put on my hiking boots and went down to go for a walk. Jimmie and Mark were signing in for their rooms, so now the entire team is here. The guys wanted to head over to post, so I asked for directions from the staff here on where to walk. I was directed to the local outdoor museaum. I spent the entire day walking around it. It is over 100 buildings, mostly dwellings, that cover examples from the middle ages forward of typical homesteads from this area. I took lots of pictures.

I came back to the room, and took a nap. Then we met for supper downstairs, where I had a large dark beer with my food. I am looking forward to a hot shower and my soft bed.

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