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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Motivation. I need some. I am totally frustrated with my life out here. And there is no reason I can't stage myself to be ready for some kind of change. I need to stage myself for change, because when I'm this unhappy or frustrated the Universe conspires to hand me that change even if I don't consciously do it myself.

Small, easy steps. First I want to get out and clean out my small shed here. Most of the stuff in it isn't mine, it was left by prior tenants. I need to see if there is anything that should be just tossed, anything I can donate, and then talk to the manager about what to do with the rest.

I made muffins, the last package of the mixes I had on hand. I have a scratch muffin recipe now, and just need to buy some flour. Making a grocery list. Along those lines, I read a journal a few weeks ago about someone who spent $1/day on food, not letting herself use food she already had in her pantry. She did it, no reason I can't do it using my pantry food. The idea is not even so much to save money as it is to clean out the darn pantry. Tonight I'm thinking salmon patties (I still have 2 cans of salmon to use up), a can of the potatoes doctored up somehow, and some of the dehydrated vegetables I bought, mixed up in some combination.

It's sunny. Tomorrow I'll drive out to a new area. Today I wanted to work on the place, and I've gone through 3 of the plastic tubs. At least I know what is where now. Most of them aren't full at this point, so if/when I move I have room to pack a lot of stuff in them. The trick is to be down to the level of stuff that will pack into them. Then it would be easier to move. Or fit into an RV. Or even just stay here.

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