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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Went Somewhere

Drove about 9 hours of 'somewhere', saw the circumference of about half of the Olympics. Highway 101 entirely circles the Olympics. I took a northern route to get over there, and drove over the Narrows bridge (near Gig Harbor, where I got lost... don't want to talk about it...), and then over the floating bridge across Hood Canal. I also took Hwy 112 from Port Angeles over to Hwy 113, dropped down it to 101 and took 101 the entire way South to Olympia. I'll leave the West and South sides for another time soon.

I finally found an area I really enjoyed out here. I have a plan, really several plans. I think that I need to get out to a few of the small 'rec area' campgrounds for an overnight and just car camp. Need to make sure I can use my hammock in those campgrounds.

I only stopped at one place, but I talked to a volunteer there. She didn't work for the campground so she couldn't tell me the policies about hammocks, and no one from the campground was around. I did find out that my yearly pass I bought at Mt. Rainier will get me into the area I stopped, saving me $15. I need to hit 7 Federal parks or sites that charge that $15 to pay for the pass. I still need 6, since I didn't actually hike into the Refuge where I stopped today.

I'm tired now. I'll see how I bounce back, and make my plans for next weekend accordingly.

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