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Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Flys

I have written here lately because I've been kinda in hermit mode. I need/want to get out and about, but nothing around here so far trips my trigger. I did drive out to Mt. Rainier a couple of weeks ago, and the road was closed because of the snow. Went again last weekend and made it up to Paradise. From there down to several miles outside of the park it was solid snow, so no hiking. Also, only the one road up was open, so no real exploring to be done, either. It was an ok trip, and the park really isn't far away. Almost close enough to run out after work as the daylight hours increase. Just need to melt off some of that snow.

I'm looking the other direction, over to the Olympics and the coast on the other side of them for some hiking possibilities. Found an area I really want to explore. Then I did a route finder on it and it's 4 hours away. Not all that bad, but I want to be ready with my gear to stay the night if I like the feel of the place. It's sea level, actually on the coast, so snow shouldn't be an issue now.

The rest is just kinda rolling along. The cats are restless lately. I'm listless and somewhat bored. I'm trying to funnel some of my frustration into sorting and trimming my stuff around here so that I can get moved into something more mobile. I make small steps.

My Dad probably had another stroke today. He's so weak that it's difficult to tell, but he had some kind of spell. It's the slide downhill, and there is not much anyone can do other than keep him out of pain and just stand by and watch.

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