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Friday, July 30, 2010

Change gets closer

I guess this is what I get for moving things out from in front of my doorways.  I have a phone interview for a potential job back home.  Since it isn't till Monday, I started agitating more on the job in Honduras.  Found out that the point person had never gotten my resume after all.  After I had applied online at the official site, and it had been sent by the friend of a friend network.  So, he asked me to email it to him.  Did that Thursday.  The same company's job bot emailed me that I qualified to apply for a job with them in Miami.  So, I submitted for that one, too.  The job in Nashville would have me needing to be moved back in 3 weeks from when I get hired.  This weekend I am going to get even more serious about weeding out things and organizing like things with like.  I have a plan already in place that should make it doable.  Guess I'll see.

On Monday I was reading Ara's blog  and saw that he was near me.  I emailed him, and we ended up making arrangements for me to drive over and meet him and Spirit (his dog).  Ara travels on his motorcycle with Spirit riding in a sidecar.  The sidecar has been used heavily for 5 years.  Ara is not just a weekend rider, it is his lifestyle.  Since his transportation was in the shop, I picked them up in the Jeep and we went to a small drive-in restaurant that I had seen on my way into town.  We sat at a picnic table in the shade of the building and had good small town hamburgers, fries, and raspberry Italian soda's with cream and whipped cream.  It was a good meal with excellent company.  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  I took a couple of pictures, but I used my camera and the flash washed out in such a way that I don't think they will post well.  I may download them tomorrow and see.  We had talked about meeting over in the Olympics at a campground to continue the conversation, but his repairs weren't going to be done in time, and he had other friends to visit.  It was wonderful to actually meet someone who's blog I have followed for a few years.  If you enjoy excellent photography, head to his blog as he chronicles his travels with pictures and words.

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