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My Home

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I forgot that I needed to go into work this morning for a few hours, and I was luxuriating in lying in bed with no schedule.  Then I remembered, and it was 15 minutes till the time I had set to meet one of the soldiers and fix an issue.  So I jumped up, got myself together, and ran out to the Jeep.  It's the last day of July.  Most of the US is having a heat wave.  I was shivering before I got to the Jeep.  Cloudy chilly day.  Luckily I had the fleece in the Jeep so I ended up putting it on.  At any rate, we got the issued fixed and I'm back home.

So, today is clean up and sort some more and make decisions on belongings that don't really work for me anymore, but that also don't tend to cause a problem.  I need to pull things out (one at a time!) and make some decisions so that when I move (which hopefully will be soon) I can just pack up what I want to keep and go.

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