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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going Back

I took some time and re-read some of my earlier postings to the blog from a few years ago.  Funny, it seemed while reading them that I was talking about things just the other day rather than 3 or more years ago.  I am still working on many of the same issues, and others I have fallen even further from where I want to be.  I keep pondering but what I need to do is stop pondering and get up and do. 

Over at I'm participating in an inventory challenge.  Because I'm actually reporting in I feel obligated to count something every night.  That would be rather the point of posting, that sense of something outside of myself forcing me to actually do it.  As I count I pull things out and turn over the items so that the less used things are up front.  I actually get rid of things, or at least put them in the pile for Goodwill.  I also make notes of where to purge further if/when I need to fit things into a smaller footprint.  I want to fit everything except me and the cats into a modular moving cube when I move cross-country again.  No more big moving trucks pulling my Jeep behind again if I can help it.

Speaking of big moving trucks, Mom is right now in the process of moving to Kansas City.  A cousin flew in this morning and they picked up the moving truck.  Mom hired a couple of guys and they loaded the truck and Mom and Butch took off from Nashville around 2:30 pm.  Butch said they will drive till they get there, which is how I tend to do things, too.  I told Mom to take pillows and a blanket in the cab with her (they are pulling her car behind like I did my Jeep) so she can sleep.  She didn't think she'd need a blanket, but I said that they could always stop at a WalMart and get one if she does.  I'll call yet again to see how they are doing in a bit.  When I got off work they were already just over an hour from St. Louis.  Mom tends to just get up and do things.  She checked out places to live  when she was back there Memorial weekend, and she's moving there today.  I've been whining for a year that I want to move back, and here I still sit.

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