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Monday, July 19, 2010

Quiet day

Things at work are still low key.  I heard from both Lori, my co--worker, that her niece is doing ok and even up walking after her wreck last week, and Turtle Lady via a quick text response to mine saying her son is improving each day.  Hopefully both (unrelated) hospital stays will be over this week.

A cool link I got from Lloyd Kahn's blog tonight is:   .  I want the Ceramic House that is in Colombia.  It looks like a cob house, but there are no details to say why they call it ceramic.  A close second is the Flintstone House but they say it's in Burlingame, USA.  I'm thinking maybe Birmingham to Burlington?

Went and got groceries today so that I can take my lunch to work.  I get tired of heading off post for lunch, and eating fast food.  So, I got soup and bread for tuna salad sandwiches and yogurt and rice crispy treats (you didn't think I'd be totally healthy, did you?).  Also got some generic Cranberry Pomegranate juice to have something other than coffee to drink around here.

Reading blogs has got me thinking (always dangerous) about changing up my blog templates.  Dunno, kinda hate to mess with what has worked.

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