Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Answer to Ms. B's question

The Instant Pot (brand name of the first one out) is an electric pressure cooker.  Because the basic setup works for other types of cooking it is called a 7 in 1, or now 10 in 1, cooker.  All I have to do is plug it in, put food in and press buttons.  Depending on what I tell it to do (which button I press) it can saute, slow cook, pressure cook, etc.  The stainless steel inner pot is removable for cleaning.  Oh, and once it completes the cooking cycle it goes to a keep warm state until I turn it off.  It makes it possible for me to pressure cook without needing to figure out of the weight is jiggling properly or how I need to set the stove burner.  It could help you cook when you have electricity but not a lot of propane.

Didn't go to the gym today but did 3 walks around the park.  I wore my repaired tennies but I realize now that the other sole is totally worn out.  There is an actual hole forming under the big toe on the other shoe.  I'm going to declare this pair worn out as well.  It was an interesting process to attempt to fix both pairs of shoes and maybe I can catch others before they are so far gone.  A lot of my shoes are old even if I never wore them much.  Part of getting rid of excess is starting to wear what I have.  Seems a lot of it is just plain beyond repair.  Then again, I have a lot of clothes and such old enough to vote and drink legally.

I'm planning to head up to my storage unit tomorrow to get some things I need to boondock out of my car at Quartzite.  I hope to make it over there at least for one night before making the trip the next week or so for RTR.  Friends are starting to arrive.


  1. Thank you for answering my question I appreciate it.

    You will have plenty of material to blog about when you go boondocking.

  2. It is sometimes hard to blog about every day life but it is a personal ledger after all.
    Good luck with the Bloggerfest.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your boondocking.

    It's about time.

  3. Just waiting for the pressure to release naturedly to enjoy my boneless skinless chicken breasts with the pinto beans I cooked in my Insta Pot yesterday. LOVE my Insta Pot.