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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Announcement

<Tap... Tap...>  IS THIS THING on.  err.  Guess it is.  Ok, here goes:

I'm moving to Honduras to take a job.  That is pretty much what I know at this point.  The folks I've dealt with so far seem very nice.  They want me to work for them.  I want to go down there and see what it's like in Central America.  Hablo un poco de espanol (and I had to look up how to spell that phrase, which means I speak a little Spanish).  Make that very little, but I'm studying.  I have a website that assures me I can learn any language enough to speak with the locals in 3 months.  I'll be working with US X-Pats, so I've been assured they will help me.  The company will put me up in a hotel until I can get my living arrangements sorted out, and the relocation amount seems reasonable.  While I was originally thinking I'd jsut go with 2 suitcases I may end up moving all my stuff and sorting it there.

No timeline yet, but in 6 weeks I'll be living and working in Honduras.  I'm excited.  A coworker who lived down there for many years has started telling me where all to go to have fun.  I admit that this Central Indiana raised midwesterner feels strange hearing Guatemala and such places referred to as great to go on a weekend getaway.

I"ll post more as things progress.



  1. Whoa! That's an amazing change!

    All the very best in your latest adventure.

  2. This is wonderful news! I wish you well, and look forward to hearing more of your adventure!! What kind of work will you be doing? Or did I miss it..........