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Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Do List update

Passport renewal sent off.  Yeah, my passport expires in 2 weeks, and in 4 or so I need to be headed out of the country.  I'm having it sent to Turtle Lady's place in KY.  If it wasn't for the last minute I wouldn't get anything done...

Next up, take another load of stuff to Goodwill, and clean out the Jeep.  Then buy a paper so I can start packing up my glassware.  It's funny, I had to ask 5 people at work before I found anyone who still takes a daily newspaper.  I'm sure that says something.  Guess I should also start shopping for a few more of the 40-something Gallon (edit, not 40 of them, they are 40 gallon...) plastic tubs w/wheels that I'm packing everything into.  Makes it easier that way.  I had figured out a few months ago that 12 of them plus what little furniture I have will fit into a moving pod.  I'm letting someone else move my stuff this time.  Details will be worked out Monday when I talk to the person in Honduras who handles the company's shipping.  Not planning to take much initially, until I have a house rented.

Ok, I'm off.

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  1. hi Shadowmoss,
    good news to hear you are going to get to fulfill a dream. I am way older than you and some of my dreams have been put aside for various reasons. I'll be eagerly awaiting enjoying your move vicariously. And hearing about Honduras.