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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yeah, I'm posting a lot today

I wanted to post that I got to meet yet another person who's blog I follow.  Brian from  was on a multiple-week motorcycle ride up to Alaska and back.  He and his wife finally got their ranch sold and so are starting to full time in their 5th wheel.  He finally got to make the motorcycle trip he promised to make 30-some years ago.  I read that he would be heading home through here, and I commented that he could stop by my place if he wanted a place to spend the night.  He did.  While we were talking as he was bringing in his bedroll and other things he mentioned that he had done his basic training here at Ft. Lewis.  I asked if he wanted to go on post and see if he remembered anything.  One of the perks off working on post is having access.  So, off we went.  It was getting dark, and he didn't remember where on post he'd been (geeze, it was only 30-odd years ago!), and I don't know post other than the way to the hangar where I work.  I drove the road around the airfield, and we headed for supper.  It was nice to have someone to sit and talk to while eating at the casino (I eat 'free' from the points I accumulate while playing the slots).  Next morning he was up as early as I was, and left as I went to work.

So far in the years I've been meeting folks I 'know' from the internet I've not had a bad experience.  I do tend to select my circumstances based on how long I've seen them on the internet and if other sources I know have met them.  With both Ara and Brian, I've followed their blogs for a couple of years.  I also have read unrelated blogs I follow where those people had met them.  So, I felt comfortable meeting them.  Ara is used to meeting folks like that.  Brian is still kinda new to the whole internet thing, and has been blown away by how friendly and nice people are who read his blog.  I think that a blog tends to draw like-minded people to the person who writes it.  Of course, I'm sitting here remembering that I have hardly any readers, a few friends who know me in real life and a very few others...

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