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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This afternoon I worked with the woman who will coordinate my shipping.  So far one shipping company did an on the phone question and answer about what I have to ship and he will give me a quote tomorrow.  Another company will send a local estimator out Thursday to make a quote.  Hopefully by Friday I will know how much packing I need to do and how much the shipper will do,so I can get on with it.

More clothes into bags for GW.  Washing the polo shirts I found again, and then folding and packing them.  Starting to think seriously about what I'll mail down ahead of the shipment.  I also got my new passport today.  It was supposed to be mailed to KY, which would give them until around the 25th to get it to me.  It came here, but it came in time for me to  get it, so it's all good.  Now I can get the APO address assigned to start mailing things to myself.

The time keeps telescoping.  I feel like it's going slowly until I start thinking about what all I should be doing.  Work is slow.  I step out of the way of the office mate and let her handle any on-going issues.  It's strange.  But, she will have it all to herself soon anyway.  Various things are going on that I'm just as happy I'm leaving.  Mostly just end of contract issues.  Still no word on if the contract for the current job will be renewed when it runs out at the end of September.  Glad it is no longer an issue for me.

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