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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Got the stuff to Goodwill.  I have to keep making small trips or the stuff migrates back into the closets.  Luckily, GW is only a half mile or so away.

My kitchen stuff is where I'll start packing.  Most of my spices are old.  So, today I took the last of the hamburger I had frozen and browned it, took a couple of cans of tomato sauce from the case of 6 I had just bought and added to it.  Then I dumped most of my spices that could remotely apply into it and simmered it most of the day.  Since I had recently gotten a large jar of sun dried tomatoes in spiced olive oil at Costco, I added large spoonfuls of that.  I also added a couple of large spoonfuls of the pico de gallo, also recently bought at Costco.  I gotta use this stuff up in 2 weeks more or less.  First taste has it tasting good.  I found a can of black beans, and dumped that in, and I'm waiting for it to simmer some more before having dinner.  I'll freeze what's left in single portion bowls, and that's lunch at work.

I went to the car wash and vacuumed out the Jeep.  It looks better, but I want to use a better vacuum.  Maybe when I stop at Mom's someone will have a good shop vac I can borrow.  I cleaned out a box I'd packed back in Nashville almost 2 years ago that was labeled  'laundry stuff'.  Sent some of it to GW, tossed some, not sure what to do with some of it (three bottles of Rit black dye...), and put the papers at the bottom off to the side to look at later.  Since this is 'later' I just looked, and it's all the documentation and driver disks for my printer.  sigh.  So, I made a label for a folder, and that is now filed where I can find it.  Tried on some clothes, and some fit, some didn't.  New pile started for the next trip to GW.

I'm not moving fast enough, I know.  I'll pick up the pace as I go.  While driving at some point today, I realized that almost unconsciously I can't breathe deeply.  It's the same way I felt when going through the mania of moving out here.  I don't have Turtle Lady here to keep me sane this time.  It's stress and fear and excitement.  Luckily this time there is more excitement.

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